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Update  10-28-1010

 I am now attending the Culinary Arts Program at American River College.
I have also been learning how to decorate cakes at Cake Castle. Why and I doing this? No I have not quit the healing work or giving up on my ministry.

I am adding a vital component this healing ministry. FOOD, not just any kind of food but, raw healthy living food. Not to confuse you, ARC does not teach this kind of food preparation, but it does give me the skills  as a certified chef that I want to learn.
The next thing that people wonder is if I am going to open up a raw food restaurant. Then answer is no. I am not interested in working that hard.

I am going to create a line of Raw food deserts, and pastries. Yep, you will be able to order cakes and pies that will taste awesome and be healthy for you. 
I am hoping to get some samples cakes made during the Thanksgiving Break, and to take pre-orders for the  Christmas season. 

These cakes will be made with  fresh, organic, raw ingredients, and Kangen Water.  Every item will be made without dairy, flour, sugar, lard, butter or synthetic ingredients.  The price will reflect the high quality that is used in each and every item. The taste will also reflect the quality of these products.

How fun is that?  To eat delicious deserts that are actually good for you?  If you would like more information or would like to look at a few recipes, go to the link, “Simple2Gourmet”, and there you will find a few recipes to help you get started.  You can also send an email to:  gayle@internalawareness.com

Wish me luck

Thanks for taking time to read this,
Gayle  :  )