As a Colon therapists like yourself I have been using a wonderful LIQUID form of blue-green algae as an additive at  "tail end" our colonic irrigation treatments.
As well as taking it my self.  Before I explain the benefits let me give you my personal testimony.  I have had fibroid tumors in the uterus, twice in 1999. Some time in April, of 1999 I began to hemorrhage. I was going through the change of life so thought that this was just part of that. I was losing about 1 qt. of blood a day. I was getting very weak. One morning I was spiritually guided to: go to the doctor. It was  Wednesday, which is my day off, so I went. But because I was on my period they couldn't do an exam. I didn't care, I was so sleep and tired, and out of it, that it didn't matter. Just as I was leaving, the doctor suggested I at least get a blood test. So I did. Took the test and began to leave again. The doctor came out of the back office to meet me.  She was empathic. She read my blood test reports. But to tell you the truth, I don't remember what they are were. She was so concerned about  the results, that she said she wanted me back in her office on Friday. I sleepily and lazily said, no, can't make it, I have clients Thursday and Friday, so I won't be able to come back until Wednesday. She said, "Gayle, I am going to call a specialist and get him in here on Friday, please come in. We need to do a biopsy, and some more test on you." Again I repeated what I just said to her, and excused myself and left. On the way home, she called my cell number, and pleaded with me to come back in on Friday. That she had just got off the phone with a specialist and he would be meeting me in her office on Friday.  I again told her I couldn't until Wednesday. I had made an appointment with her office, but I knew I wasn't going back. 

When I got home, the spiritual voice in my head said, "Take some algae." So I did. I went to bed, and fell fast asleep. Thinking just as I did, how easy it would be to never wake up. I felt close to God, and saw no reason to hang around. That is, until I saw a vision of my daughters, and the  babies they were both ready to bring into this world.  I woke up a little, and heard my spiritual voice say, "get up and take some more algae." The direction and guidance  to take algae became quite clear. I was to take it, every time I woke up. And every hour that I was awake. Within 4 or 5 days, I could tell that my body was getting stronger, and my blood was normalizing. I can't prove it medically, because I never went back to the doctor. However, I feel I came very close to dying during this time. And between my inner wisdom and the E3Live Algae, I am here now to share this story and this product with you.

As an additive:

I have found E3Live to be more effective than wheat grass or any other herbal tinctures during a session. When I use E3Live as an additive, my clients tell me they feel "less tired" "less irritation," more peaceful, even more energized, after their sessions. When they take it orally, they are impressed with how easy it is to take, and how good they feel. Once someone starts the algae, they continue taking it.

How does E3Live work as it relates to colon therapy?

E3Live is a highly alkaline fluid. This fact, plus its high chlorophyll content (more than any other food or herb on the planet) soothes the intestinal walls and mucosal linings after water irrigation.
Also, as you know, selective re-absorption of fluids in the lower intestine is an accepted physiological fact. The nutritive energizing, and mineral content effects of E3Live absorption in the lower colon enters the blood stream. This would explain client reports of feeling more peaceful, balanced and "not wiped out" after a colonic.
Another exciting fact about E3Live is that this species of algae has been scientifically proven—by way of double blind studies—to dramatically increase immune function, specifically killer cell activity. This means E3Live will further accentuate the immune system stimulation that colon therapy already accomplishes.


 Abba Nazariah: Minister/ teacher of the Essene Church of Christ 
Roselee Calabro: Author of ­­Living in the Raw
Gabrial Cusins: Author of Conscious Eating
David Wolf: Author of  Sunfood Diet Success System 
" E3Live is the Freshest and best blue green algae on the market I recommend E3Live over any other algae."

 Eliot Rosen: Author  Death and Dying, experiencing the soul  


Unlike other companies selling algae, E3Live is not an MLM. You work directly with the owners. The integrity, and honesty of these people will clearly come through with the first phone call.  They have a 100% money-back, no questions asked guarantee up to one year.

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