100% Fulvic in Solution - Alkaline pH 7.0 to 7.8
Our proprietary processing technique is what gives our fulvic results you can feel

In the highly competitive world of liquid mineral products, it’s no small feat to produce a product that is 100% fulvic in solution, with an alkaline pH of 7.0 to 7.8 (recent batches have tested as high as pH 8.9). Why do we go to the extra effort?

How do we do it?
Vital Earth's products are unusually high in fulvic when others aren't because of two reasons...our superior organic humic source, and our proprietary processing.

We start with humic source that has a higher percentage of Fulvic...
Vital Earth's original humic source contains an impressive 7% fulvic potency, whereas many mineral products come from sources that are only 3% to 4% fulvic to start with. This higher quality organic humic source material is obviously crucial, but the extraction process becomes one of the biggest keys to retaining a high fulvic content.

Using nothing but cool, purified, non-chlorinated water, we extract the fulvic from ancient plant matter. Our unique process meticulously assures that 100% of the pure fulvic is retained and undamaged. This "100% fulvic in solution" is what we bottle. No chemicals, acids, heat, or pressure are used and no sweeteners, preservatives, flavorings, or colorings are added. Nothing has been done that would harm or minimize the precious fulvic. Because of our extraction process, our fulvic is NOT AN ACID like other products. Vital Earth’s fulvic has an alkaline pH of between 7.0 to 7.8 (recent batches have tested as high as pH 8.9). Fulvic Mineral Complex contains all the minerals and trace elements, in the amounts presented by nature.

Many manufacturers destroy the fulvic with their processing techniques, making the remaining minerals in their product difficult for the body to assimilate and highly "acidic".

Vital Earth's fulvic has an alkaline pH of 7.0 to 7.8 (with recent batches testing as high at pH 8.4 to 8.9)
Fulvic can be a powerful aid in controlling body acidity because it neutralizes acids in body fluids, and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. Acidity is a well known factor in many diseases, so anything that can help increase the body's alkalinity is a tremendous benefit.

CAUTION! Avoid harmful acid extraction processes
Back in the 50’s, U.S. researchers used chemicals and acids to extract fulvic from ancient deposits of humic material, which left a vile aftertaste, killed off most of the fulvic and made their product highly acid. That is when and why “acid” became part of the fulvic name in the U.S. In other parts of the world, the benefit of alkaline pH fulvic is well known and has been used for centuries.

As fulvic was introduced to the American public, commercial manufacturers continued to use the old acid based extraction process. Their only concern was producing a colloidal product with a high mineral count, because they did not understand the crucial role fulvic plays in our health.

How to spot inferior processing techniques:
First of all, read the label. Products that specifically list a high milligram measurement of minerals have probably been subjected to chemical acid processing. These harsh chemicals enable the unnatural extraction of a higher mineral concentration, but unfortunately kill off the valuable fulvic. Whereas, a product that is high in beneficial fulvic will have a mineral content that is in "trace" (lower) amounts; nature has dissolved and complexed the minerals into the fulvic structure, the way the body was intended to utilize them best.

Products with high fulvic content will be alkaline, not acidic, and the pH will be listed on the label in a prominent place. Chemical acid processing leaves an undesirable chemical residue, giving the product a nasty taste that is unpalatable and must be masked with sweeteners and flavorings - be cautious of flavored minerals. Some chemically processed minerals test as low as 4.0 pH or lower. Once chemical acids have been used, and the fulvic has been destroyed, nothing can be done to restore the alkaline pH, and benefits are minimal. Absolutely NO acids are used in the extraction of Fulvic Mineral Complex.

Vital Earth Fulvic: organic, ionic, alkaline pH (not acidic)
Organic fulvic is naturally ionic, or dissolved (not colloidal), the taste is bland, ranging from almost no taste to a very slight hint of tanginess or tartness. It will be so mild it does not require flavoring or sweeteners to be palatable. The color should be a bright, clear golden color, similar to cider, and it should have at least a 7.0 or higher alkaline pH. It will contain all the minerals and trace elements in trace amounts, unless the manufacturer has artificially boosted the mineral content.

Vital Earth’s proprietary processing offers the highest fulvic available, an alkaline pH, and absolutely no dangerous chemicals are used in the processing...ever. Our fulvic contains all the minerals and trace elements, in the amounts presented by nature. Scientists feel the naturally occurring minerals in our ancient high grade humic are in the perfect balance to promote maximum health.

Remember, all mineral products are not alike. To experience maximum health benefits, look for high fulvic content, not colloidal minerals.

All About Vital Earth's Key Product:
Fulvic Mineral Complex

Fulvic Mineral Complex is a concentrated plant source of ionic fulvic minerals.
It is natural, organic and boosts the body's natural defenses and supercharges the immune system. It heightens and restores natural functions, energizes cels, and enhances healing. In a nutshell, fulvic is one of the most dependable supplements for balancing
the body's metabolic function

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