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Days & Hours:   
Monday -Tuesday- Wednesday-Thursday- Friday:                                10am to 7pm

Coming soon: Internal Awareness in Scotts Valley, Ca . I am working very hard to open Our clinic. Right now i work for 2 other clinics. The mission is to generate funding, either directly from supporters or via clients paying in advance for larger programs and future investment in their health etc. We are open to any and all gifts that can help finance this clinic. If interested please reach out. 

Prices: $80.00 per colon therapy session using open system - Libbe

FarInfarred Sauna: $40 for 30 min.        

LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy Session:  $40                                                  (One time purchase for mask $100 your's to keep)  


We have found the best way to approach colon therapy is to do at least 4 sessions within 5 days. This will get down to the 1st layer of toxicity. If you schedule only one session you may experience gas or bloating for the next few days.

When you only do one session especially, for first timers, keep in mind that the first session is like stirring up a pot of purification if you don't help it release by doing additional colon therapy sessions then at least do an enema and help your body complete the process.

Remember: It didn't get there overnight. It would be like saying, "Ok I am now 40 years old so I think it is time for me to start brushing my teeth.  I will start by brushing one (1) tooth. I will see how I feel and maybe I'll brush another one next week.

Please understand this is the most toxic area of your body. The pioneers in the healing arts Dr. Jensen DC, Dr. Walker DC, Dr. Schult MD, Dr. Lorraine Day MD, Daniele Le Rito MD, all say that the colon is the most important part of your body and that it is the root of all disease. Give your body a chance to heal and do it by deep cleansing.

Price for 4 Colon Therapy Sessions - $320.00


For the Serious Minded: The grand package!!

The Master Program

The 12/12/12 package. 

Normal price for 12 Colonic = $960

Normal price for 12 FarInfarred Saunas = $480

Normal price for 12 LiveO2 Oxygen Therapy  = $480

Total $1920

If paid in advance = $1,600

Savings of $320.00                                                                                    must be completed within 3 to 6 weeks.

I am sorry, but you must purchase a mask to use with the LiveO2 system, which is yours to keep.  $100.00

 Using the Sauna:  Please bring a huge stack of towels with you to use in the sauna and shower to avoid towel charge of $25.00    : ) 


Intermediate Program  12 Session. 

For those who want only colon hydrotherapy, we offer a series of 12 sessions these are done within 3 weeks. Our experience has shown that people release deeper layers of toxicity, and begin to feel the cleansing changes taking place in their bodies with 12 sessions. Some say they lose their appetite for food cravings, alcohol, cigarettes, and addictive foods. We do not put people on fasts or take anything out of their diet. We do, however,  share our experience regarding nutrition and healthy life style options.

The price for a series of 12 sessions is $960.00                                             If paid for in advance you only pay for 10 get 12. Price is $800.                 But that is not all, as a special intorductory gift to you and because i know how good you will feel if you try them, you will also get the following:  

Infarred Sauna Session normally $40.00                                                 LiveO2 Oxygen Session normally $40.00                                     (however, i am sorry to say, you must purchase your own face mask. $100.00  yours to keep)                                                                                                                     Total saving $240.00.  

Please bring a huge stack of towels with you to use in the sauna and shower to avoid towel charge of $25.00    : ) 



24 hour cancellation policy.

Full charge applies if not canceled within 24 hours.


When scheduling the sauna you must bring in a huge stack of bath towels, (not hand towels) extra large size. Inorder to prevent a $25.00 towel service charge.


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