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Internal Awareness

"Journey within - to heal the body and mind"

Our Policy

24-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid broken appointment charges. Charges reflect full cost of a session.

Cancellation of your appointment must be received within 24-hours and by 5:00pm during regular business days prior to the appointment date.

 If the client does not show up for the appointment or does not call within 24 hours during normal business hours of his/or her appointment he/she will still be billed full charge for the session or sessions or forfeit a pre-paid session that has been scheduled.   

It works the same for both of us

Suppose we decided not to work the day of your appointment. You leave work and drive 45 minutes to come for therapy and we have left the office without notification. You would lose approximately two to three hours of valuable time. This would not feel good to you. Once you have scheduled an appointment that time is put aside for you. In essence you have already paid for that time slot. We do have a waiting list and in the event that we are able to fill your cancellation you will be exempt from paying the broken appointment charge.

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