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Every year I recieve letters and emails from clients who have come to our clinic.



The above is a short list of some of those letter.

I too have my list of gratitudes, for the countless people who have blessed my life, with their kindness, skills, talents, and words.

I thank God every day for all of you, and i ask for forgiveness if i have knowingly or unknowingly been less than loving and kind.

I am truly greatful for each and everyone of you.


To lean more about my life, and how I was guided into this field of work, scroll down.



I am always being asked how I got into the business of colon irrigation, and iridology. To accommodate this curiosity the following is “my story”.

I grew up in Idaho, and I often thought, although never communicating it to anyone, that I would probable not live long. I was already troubled with so many physical pains I knew that this body wouldn’t be able to survive much beyond its 30’s. As a child I had chronic constipation. During my early teen years, I had begun to developed arthritis, asthma, pneumonia, severe sinus problems, and allergies and just all over aches and pains.

However, to anyone else I looked like a healthy active physically fit young teen. No one knew how I felt, and there wasn’t any point in saying anything either because I knew we didn’t have the money for medical care. And besides, at that young age I had already developed distrust for the health care providers.

My health worsened. By the time I was 20 I was manic-depressive, hypoglycemic, had insomnia, and restless leg syndrome.

In 1970, while living in the remote area of Idaho, and experiencing one of my manic sides, I made arrangements for someone to watch my two babies, which were 16, and 4 months old, and took off on a trip to find a job.  The nearest town that would offer any kind of employment was 80 miles away.  During that trip, I picked up a hitchhiker. During our travels he told me a story of how he had recovered from alcohol and drug abuse, going to a place in Canada that treated patients with megavitamins.  He suggested I use niacin.  When I got back from my wild ride, I stopped at the local drug store  (the town I lived in was so small it only had one drug store, two gas stations, a grocery store and two bars), and picked up the niacin. 

I was desperate for help and would try anything. I needed help, because I was on the borderline of abuse with my children.  Just a few days before, I had gotten upset with one of my babies, and took him by the arm and threw him on to the couch.  I remember saying to myself, “what is wrong with you?!”, in answer I said, “I don’t know, but I know the doctors can’t help me”.  In my mind I was living in a deep dark pit.  I was surrounded with black and darkness.  I could see light, but it was so far away, and when I tried to climb up to it, I would only make it two or three feet before I would slide back down.  I felt as though everyone hated me, and the flip side was there were times I hated every one.  My visual and personal perception was such that I felt as though I was losing my mind.  I needed help!!

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I took the niacin right away, got a hot flash reaction, called the pharmacist. He suggested I use niacidemide, it was a buffered form of niacin.  I took it and within a few hours began to feel mentally strong and alert.  I began to feel great.

Discovering this wonder pill was Divine intervention. But that wasn't enough. I needed more help. And again God guided me to a magazine called; “Prevention Magazine” and I began to learn about natural foods, vitamins, and the health destroying effects of sugar, and white flour products.  I threw all of these items out of my house.  Up until this time, I had no concept of food.  My diet consisted of maple bars and fudge.  I didn’t know what a salad was.  Once I started feeling good and learning about foods I became a fanatic. It was Natural Foods all the way and the manic-depression went away. I was happy and mentally sound.

The symptoms I suffered while growing up and the ones I suffered up to this time is my life, began to disappear.  I began to feel physically and mentally strong, alert and confident.  My emotions became stable and controllable. For the first time in my life I felt strong. The power in me was such that I felt as though I could climb Mt. Everest, or single handily build a house.  I felt like "Rocky Balboa". I WAS STRONG!!!

I was doing great for the next few years, and then I met my Mt. Everest.  It was in the form of my next greatest physical challenge of my life.  Sometime around 1977, I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, a condition characterized by sudden and uncontrollable attacks of deep sleep.  At this time of the diagnosis I was working for an electronics company.  I would fall asleep driving, while at work, talking to someone, watching TV or reading.  I was a single mom and now had 4 children under the age of 9. I had no idea how I was going to support them if I didn’t get well.  I didn't know about State or Company disability programs.   I had such difficulty staying awake that I quit my job, rather than get negative reviews.  I got jobs working as a waitress and other things, but I couldn’t keep them.  I would be asleep within seconds of being in the car.  I would find myself waking up at a stop-light, or just in time to avoid running into another vehicle.  I would run off the road and get back on track just seconds from having an accident.

In-between jobs I drew state assistance, this would enable me to stay home with my children from time to time. However, while at home, I wasn’t much safer, and neither were my kids. In the morning trying to get them ready for school I would find myself waking up from the couch and not knowing what had happen during the time laps. Did the kids go to school, how long had I been asleep, were they all right, did they have school today?  I didn’t know.  During the time I was asleep, I would go into deep, coma like sleep, when I woke up, I was confused and drug like. There were many times I couldn’t get up or wake up for very very long periods of time. It was as though I was out of my body and unable to reconnect.  I didn’t know how long I was asleep or what my kids were doing while I was asleep. Where were they? Were they out playing? Were they all right?  It was terrifying.

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I couldn’t work anymore.  I tried waitress jobs, thinking that if  I  was moving around I’d be ok.  But I’d fall asleep as soon as things were still.  I would forget where I was.  My memory was foggy, and dull. 

I had a series of medical diagnostic they confirmed the diagnosis: narcolepsy. The doctors subscribed dangerous drugs.  I was opposed to any kind of drug, including aspirin. My diet was a pure as I could possible make it and had been for nearly 6 years.  I wasn’t about to take these killers.  I tried everything that I knew of to get well: acupuncture treatments, chiropractic, and naturopathic, to name a few. Nothing helped. For the next two years I tried every thing to bring my life back into order.  Nothing helped, and I was getting worse.

 I thought my life was just about over, and began to contemplate giving my kids up for adoption. Then in 1980 I met and married a man from Tahoe California. 

No, that didn’t change my condition.  But it kept my family together for the next year.  He owned a plumbing business and taught me how to do plumbing.  But there were many times I would find myself waking up underneath a house in the dirt, or in the truck.  Sometimes I would be fast asleep before we made it out of the house on our way to work. 

In 1982, a friend called and talked me into buying some “stuff” called “Colon Cleansing”.  This was a new concept for me but thought, "What the heck I’d try it". I knew about vitamins and natural foods, but I knew nothing about colon cleansers or herbs. I tried the products; I became bloated, and filled up like a balloon. My friend lived in Seattle so we drove up to visit them.  They knew nothing of my condition.  But interesting enough he was an iridologist and sold herb products.  He gave me an iris reading, and taught me how to take the colon products.

When we got back to Tahoe I sent away for the correspondence course in iridology.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to complete it, because I could only read for a few seconds before falling asleep.

While waiting for my course in Iridology to arrive. I continued taking these products.  To my surprise within 6 weeks after receiving the course, I completed it. I was so excited I then took a 1,600 mile trip. Starting in Tahoe I drove to, Vernal Utah to tell a friend who had narcolopsy about these products. While there she told me about Barley Green.  I was amazed at what she had to say so I drove to Boise Idaho to learn more of the wonders of this Barley Green product. I was so impressed with the testimonies of the people who had cured themselves of life threatening disease that this began my love affair with Barley Green. Barley Green, too, was instrumental in healing my body.

During my trip I drove 15 hours at a time, without any problem falling asleep.  I was about 85% cured of narcoloepsy. During my long drive back to Tahoe, a few weeks later, I read the information on Barley Green. (I read while I was driving the desert roads).  

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April 1982, I had now the two most powerful pieces of information of my life.  I learned about cleansing and rebuilding of the body.  Because I continued to have difficulty with the colon products, it wasn’t long before I discovered the water cleansing process called “colonics”.  I purchased a home system colonic board and began to do colonics on myself. This system was much easier and much more effective.  In a short time, I had all 4 of my kids doing colonics.  It is amazing how much toxic waste s is in the body of a child.

I could have avoided nearly all of my health problems if I would have had this system when I was a kid.  I was so ill, but not sickly. I appeared to be a healthy child, playing, doing all those things that kids do but I suffered with chronic pain.  Ya,  I looked healthy, but when it came time to have a “bowel movement”.  I would be in misery.  I remember as a young child, my mother asking doctors about my condition and they would say, “What ever is normal for her is ok, and not to worry about it.”  What ever is normal for her???  I would have a BM once a week, if that and it would be so big and difficult that I would be exhausted and have to go lay down when I was finished.  From what I know now, if you or your child isn’t having a BM after each meal, at least 3 times a day, there is something wrong. Very wrong! Do the math, 3 or 4 in each day, 1 out in 1 week?  Hummm!!! 

Since 1982 I have been studying alternative health care.  In the spring of 1983 I was working in a cancer preventive center in Incline Village, I studies with great practitioner from around the world.  Became a protégée in magnet therapy, studied: kinesiology, reflexology, was certified as a master herbologist, Iridologist. I studied marobiotics, John Ray Body Electronics, and Lymphology. I read every book I could find on natural healing.  I put my body through ever healing process that I came across.  I wanted to be well. 

By 1985 I was single, living and working in San Jose. I began to speaking on radio programs, and health fair throughout California. I was a traveling Iridologist.  In doing so, I was exposed to all the new metaphysical and healing modalities of the century. I did thousands of iris reading. I began to see a pattern in these reading.  Nearly every one had the same two areas of dysfunction; the lymph system and the colon.  

In 1992 I began my training as a colon therapist.  I studied and trained with Internal Institute in Los Angeles, Dotolo Research in Florida, Specialty Health in Arizona and Body, Mind Institute in Texas.  In 1992, I also received my certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist from the Stillman Institute in Santa Clara. 

In my efforts to continue my knowledge of health and the healing arts, I study the dietary concept of Living Foods, NLP, and have recently been ordained as a Minister in the Essene Church of Christ, and completed yet another intensive training with Ellen Tart, in Iridology. I Have taken 4 classes in Dark Field blood cell analysis, and Time Risk with Dr. Danielle DeRito from Italy, and Dr. Frangnay from Paris.

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This is not the end of my story, only the beginning.  To date I have worked with hundreds of people. I feel I was truly blessed, for without the early health challenges in my life, I wouldn’t have had the time to experience, learn and recreate the kind of body, mind and spirit that makes up who I am today.  I feel I was directed and guided by the Angelic Realm from the very beginning. I know what my purpose is on this planet. I have dedicated my life to finding, learning, practicing, and teaching, fundamental simplistic truth of well being.  The great masters of all time teach: 

Follow you heart for that is where God Lives.
 Eat low on the food chain, live, enzymatic, rich foods
Drink clean water, breath deeply
Exercise in the sun every day,
Be kind to your brother and all animals,
 Cleanse your physical and emotional body.
And most important:
Judge not, least ye be judged
(not even yourself)


Peace be with you.
GayleMarie  Bradshaw
Internal Awareness.com
 “Journey within - to heal the body and spirit.” 

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