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Letter from Michael Stevens


From Epiphany to Clarity

I smile because I can

In my heart, I can have emotion for any perspective I choose to produce. In my mind, I create the “how to” only if my heart deems it so.

But my body has no other purpose except to provide me with a vehicle that is always ready to do its best.

When I get into my car

I realize, according to the warning lights, that I may need to change my oil or add more water. In order to provide my car with a positive working environment, I must service the problem areas.

The service would involve replacing of filters and dissolving of residue generated from the general use of the car.

Oh yes, and if I want to see it shine, I will take a garden house and continually rinse the surface until the water is clear and gently wipe the surface as not to scratch it.


it had come to my attention that there is an organ in the body that is completely devoted to servicing of my body’s of residue.

As the same epiphany you are having now, took place for me, I realized that the 270 pound vehicle that I had been using consistently for 37 years needed servicing.

This is when I met Gayle Bradshaw

There will never be a TV commercial, newspaper ad or even a web site that can come tell to the information you get from looking into the eyes of the soul. Her perspective, attitude and confidence instantly freed me of my apprehension. She unknowingly helped me to release my soul towards realizing the joy and new feelings that awaited me.

I will never be the same again

I will only be better. For the rest of my life I will live with the clarity and confidence that my body is in complete support of my goals.

Michael Stevens


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