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Contract TRADE Agreement Master Program

I, ______________________________________________________, on this day,

_______________2017, agree to trade $1,920 for the Master Program in trade for ________________________________________________________________:

12 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions  =$960.00

12 Saunas Sessions =  $480.00

12 LiveO2 Oxygen Sessions  =  $480.00 (must purchase own personal mask for $100.00)

Normal Price for this program is $1,920. I will trade a valule equal to $1,920.

I, _____________________________________________________ also agree, that to get the most benefit from this program it is best if completed within three (3) weeks. __ (initial)

If for reasons beyond my control, i.e. sickness, accident, adverse road conditions, unexpected job, business, or family demands, that I cannot make my appointments, I will give Internal Awareness, 24 hour advance notice of missed appointment and reschedule, otherwise I will forfeit my sessions for that day. ___ (initial)

If for the reasons stated above I am not able to complete my program and with a 24 hour notice I will be given a “credit” for unused sessions and an extension for no greater than 6 months to complete my program.


 NO CASH, CREDITS OR REFUNDS wil be given if not USED WITHIN 90 days of this contact date.  ___ (initial)

This contract does not apply to our  "Master Program" There are NO DISCOUNTS ON TRADES.

Normal Price per Session:
Colon Hydrotherapy    $80.00  x 12            = $960.00


Medical Grade Infrared Sauna  $40.00  x 12 = $480.00 ‚Äč


LiveO2 Oxygen Session  $40.00   x 12         = 480.00


                                                 Total price $1,920.00

I understand this contract and by my own free will agree to its content.


Name: ___________________________________ Date ________________

Phone: ____________________________Cell: _______________________



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