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The One Hour Vacation


Pot and ScrollBy:  Diane Dalbey


Want a break from your nerve racking routine but you don't have time?  Want to be healthier, revitalized, refreshed but now isn't the time to join a spa?  Want to have a younger, clearer skin, but those expensive lotions aren't in your budget?

Don't despair!  There is hope.  For the price of one belt-stretching champagne brunch for two you can have all of this without the hangover.

A one hour colonic or colon therapy provides all of this plus a terrific boost to your health and your overall sense of well being. 

What is a colonic?  A colonic is ancient, time-honored, gentle water cleansing of the colon.  "Why cleanse the colon?" you ask.  "I never think about my colon.  It's the tail end of my digestive tract, for heaven's sake.  Sounds a bit gross, to tell the truth. "

Well, think for a minute.  If you've ever eaten junk food, fatty food, sweets, caffeine, soda pop, chemically treated and preserved food, processed food, too much food, to little food, in fact anything that modern culture deems edible, you will benefit greatly disappointed or just steamed at the jerk who cut you off at the freeway; you will benefit from a colonic.

Unfortunately we take better care of our sewer system.  But, the fact is, just like the city sewer the miraculous six foot tube we call the colon or large intestine, determines whether or not our body is polluted.

When the colon is doing its thing, nutrients passing into the large intestine are reabsorbed by hundreds of finger-like projections called villi into all the body's cells, whether they're in the brain, the liver, the skin or any number of vital organs.

On the other hand, when the daily rigors of modern life and diet besiege us, the colon becomes the repository of accumulated plaque and over 36 toxins which stick to the walls of the tract and disable the body's purification system.  The useless material ends up re-entering our body's cells instead of passing on its way.  Talk about toxic waste!  As a result we feel and act far below our potential.

A few one hour colonics, however, can reverse what is sometimes a lifetime of neglect.  Colonics are clean, painless and yes, relaxing.  A soothing flow of warm, pure water gently circulates throughout the colon while the skilled hygienist massages atrophied muscles and clogged organs, coaxing your body and your mind to yield the colonic's many benefits.  Soon your skin glows with warmth and vitality and you breathe fresh deep air into forgotten pockets of your being.  By the end of the treatment, the body literally tingles with wellness.  New energy releases pent up toxins and the body becomes fully relaxed, perhaps for the first time in years. 

Some have called the effect a natural high.  It is that for sure.  For as the colon is freed of the accumulated stresses and toxins of daily life, it mobilizes much of the unrealized potential we were created to enjoy.

Most of us are in the habit of only taking care of ourselves once a year, when we leave work to get away for a couple of weeks.  But why banish wellness to an annual event?  Colon therapy accomplishes the same thing in an hour, with long-lasting results, whenever you need it.  It's truly a mini-vacation.

Note:  This was written in honor of my beloved instructors, Connie Allred a Master of Colon Hydrotherapy and founder of I-ACT.


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