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Cancer Info

Private Research You Need to Know


Cancer research and treatment is a multi-billion
dollar business. And there's no such thing as an inexpensive treatment  and no one - within the system - seems to be looking for one. This film documents how alternative approaches to treatment are brutally suppressed: 

(Note from Gayle Bradshaw: While I was in Wyoming,September 2009 I met people who had gone to this Hoxsey Clinic).

The AMA at its worst

Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime


Medical Breakthroughs This is worth sharing: 

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What is the government trying to hide and why are they doing it?

U.S. Government Ignores Flu Vaccine Death



If you have daughters or there are young girls in your extended family, this video you must watch:


If you have small children in your  life, you must protect them.
Start with this video:


Candida – do you have it, Yeast? Can lead to very serious problems, we have excellent Candida protocols.  Do you have chemical sensitivity, allergies; tired, bloated, have  cravings?  We might be able to help. 




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