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The Maker’s Diet

Life and Death in a Long Hollow tube:
The Impor
tance of the GI Tract (continued)

“Doc, Something’s wrong with my Gut!”

The Makers Diet book

Digestive complaints including everything from hemorrhoids to duo-dental ulcers result in more time lost at work, school, and play than any other health-related problem.” Interestingly enough, according to epidemiological research done by Drs. Price, Schweltzer, and others, many of these digestive problems were rare or nonexistent less than a century ago!

What did our ancestors know or do that we do not? How can we reclaim the health enjoyed by the ancients? For one thing, they are a diet similar to the Maker’s Diet and maintained physically vigorous lifestyles. 

We, on the other hand, tend, tend to take our gut for granted, and it costs us dearly. We continually eat wrong foods that are rarely digested properly. The by-products and incomplete digestion clog the gut with accumulated debris. This coating becomes a perfect breeding ground for dangerous forms of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Good news! There are some very positive things we can do to reverse any damage that has already been done. After Crohn’s disease all but decimated my body’s digestive system, intestinal cleansing or “detoxification” was one of the keys to overcoming my illness.

Even though I “visited the bathroom” nearly ten thousandbook the Makers Diet times over the two years I was sick, I still needed to be cleansed. I went through a natural detoxification process by introducing beneficial microorganisms into my body that helped me regain the natural balance of microflora in my gut.

… A view sent me a medical textbook written in 1896, which examined the problems associated with “autointoxication.”

Surprisingly, autointoxication or “self-poisoning” form the bowel was a recognized cause of disease in the early 1900’s. Dr. H.H. Bocker stated in 19289, “It is now universally conceded that autointoxication is the underlying cause of an exceptionally large group of symptom complexes.” Recent research seems to support these earlier conclusion about intestinal toxemia. Yet, many modern medical practitioners and researchers still dismiss intestinal toxemia as a concept that is “old and outdated”.

The “gut” goes from your mouth all the way to the “other end.” It is fully self-contained and yet intricately dependent and interlinked with every other major system of your body.

 It is becoming clearer that anything you consume or that otherwise exerts an influence on the body – i.e., swimming and showering in chlorinated water, swallowing fluoride toothpaste, wearing synthetic clothing, or even cleaning house with powerful chemicals--may indirectly or directly affect your gut and therefore your health.


In fact, virtually every state of health is affected by the GI tract. Even if you break a bone or undergo a surgical procedure, the time required to heal is directly affected by how well your gut is able to process nutrients and detoxify toxins!

And even if you are the most intelligent person in the world, if you fail to fuel your body properly, your brilliant intellect may be dimmed or extinguished through poor nutrition and poor lifestyle decisions.

Digestion:  The Law of the Gut

We can accurately say that the digestive process is ruled by the “law of the gut.”Simply defined, digestion is:

We can accurately say that the digestive process is ruled by the “law of the gut.”Simply defined, digestion is:

  • A carefully executed decomposition process.
  • Carried out by an independent enteric nervous system.
  • Supported by an intricate array of interactive enzymes.

The food you eat yields only a small proportion of substances usable by your body. The rest is eliminated as two fundamental kinds of waste; metabolic waste and digestive waste.

 Metabolic waste represents the cellular household waste and the breakdown of dead, discarded cells that are constantly being replaced in the body. Most of it is eliminated through the kidneys. (Less the 4 percent exits the body through the bowels.) Digestive waste comprises all the breakdown matter from the digestion process that is not absorbed.

If these waste products are not regularly eliminated, they begin to poison the body and blood. Unchecked, this autointoxication may ultimately lead to disease and even death.
Throughout history, people from virtually every nationality have preserved in their folklore an instinctive understanding about the importance of regular elimination in the form of daily, comfortable bowel movement. 
Most modern Americans ……. Continue to eat large amounts of harmful foods and, if constipated, simply take a toxic, chemical-based laxative or visit the doctor’s office. Unfortunately, disease may visit us quietly as we feast and life foolishly.

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