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Discover the Hidden Secrets of Health that are reviled through the Ancient science of Iris Analysis


Theoretically, Iridology has seven branches:

I have had the privilege to study with some of the finest Iridologist in the world and the more I learn the more I realize how little I knew. iris map

There are at least 7 levels of Iridology formats and one could spend a life time, learning just any one of them. I have listed only a few of them on this page.

Spiritual Iridology - Time Risk Management

Dr. Dr. Danielle LaRito MD in Italy studies the iris photos using a microscope and looking mostly at the stomach and intestinal marking in the eye. He is has written several books. One of which is "Time Risk Management", where he proves that death or disease began in the large intestine

Personality Iridology Rayid Method

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Light blue iris

The Rayid Model® has been used by health practitioners, counselors, educators, business people, parents, and others around the world since 1978.  Developed by Denny Johnson, the Rayid Model is an original paradigm that evolved from inspiration and insight.  It is derived from no other system, conceptual framework, or technique.  Decades of application and qualitative research have confirmed its accuracy.

What began in the 1970s as the Rayid Method of Iris Interpretation, evolved over the years to become the Rayid Model® of Iris, Birth Order, and Family Tree Dynamics.  Today, this expansive work is often referred to simply as Rayid or the Rayid Model.  It includes the collective work of Rayid Iris, Rayid Birth Order, Rayid Grandparents, and Rayid Family Tree taught by Denny Johnson, the founder of Rayid®. 

Rayid provides a beautiful tool for understanding personality and relationship patterns, and the influence of ancestors and family-tree dynamics on health, happiness, and well-being.

"Personality" is your personal vehicle of expression and interaction in the material world.  The more you understand personality and family-tree dynamics, the greater your insight will be about personal choices, patterns, issues, characteristics, qualities, lessons, attractions, relationships, and so on.

To date, Denny has written three books on the Rayid Model.  The first, What the Eye Reveals, Book One, was published in 1984 as a simple introduction to the Rayid Method of iris interpretation.  It provided a revolutionary new way to understand the iris, dramatically different than traditional iridology.  The second, What the Eye Reveals, published in 1995, is still in print and offers in-depth, comprehensive information on the iris.  It is primarily geared to Rayid Iris practitioners.  The third, The Nature of Birth Order, was published in 2002.  It beautifully describes the 12 birth order positions, the distinctive qualities of children in each position, the influence of parents and grandparents, and how to enhance a child's potential.   (See the Products area of our website for more information)

The Rayid Model is based on the following principles:

  • Life has a purpose
  • There is a dynamic perfection, often unseen, that creates, animates, and unifies all life
  • Natural laws of perfection regulate body, mind and spirit
  • Human consciousness has the innate capacity to create
  • The natural world and all of humanity is One
  • Love is the greatest unifying power in life

The Rayid Model offers:

  • A precise life-path map
  • Tools to take responsibility for personal health, happiness, and well-being
  • An opportunity to influence personal destiny and that of your family

The Rayid Model is beautiful and precise.  Through various experiences of learning, you are inspired to understand:

  • Your natural gifts and talents
  • The dynamics of relationships and families
  • The preciousness of children
  • The importance of grandparents
  • The blessings of nature and your family tree
  • The oneness that all people share

Unitree Foundation and Rayid International offer various programs and experiences.  Below is a sampling:

Global Gratitude is a special program offered free to the public.  It is focused on bringing people together and affirms that life is benevolent and loving.  By connecting with the universal qualities of grandparents and increasing your feelings of love, an increased channel of light flows from your ancestors to you, your children, and future generations.  Sharing this connection with other families and children around the world creates a powerful experience of unity.

Imagine 10,000 women all over the world taking time to love each other's children.  In a simple, yet profound way, they help to make the world a more beautiful place.

(For more information on this program, go to our Learning Center)

Rayid Iris & Family Tree

Rayid Iris offers a unique way of assessing patterns in the iris.  The iris is recognized as a beautiful and intricate blueprint of one's personality. As a genetic map, the iris reveals detailed information about patterns you have inherited from your family and how you communicate, relate, and behave.  Rayid Iris provides important insight into relationship attractions and interactions.  Rayid Family Tree recognizes the important interconnectedness of 7 generations in the family tree: your own, the three previous (parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents), and the three subsequent generations (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren).  Words, actions, choices, and so on, have the potential to influence future generations of children in powerful ways.

Rayid Birth Order recognizes 12 distinct birth order (sibling sequence) positions in the family tree.  Each position correlates with unique qualities and talents that evolve the family.  The more you understand children, the more effectively you are able to nurture them, support their creativity, and honor their needs.  

Rayid Grandparents recognizes the importance of ancestors in the. There are 12 distinctive grandparents and great-grandparents in the Rayid Model.  Each corresponds with “universal qualities” that are handed down to subsequent generations of children.  These qualities relate to the special gifts that grandparents and great-grandparents infuse the family tree with.  Whether these 12 ancestors are alive or not, their gifts and influence are ever-present.  Their hereditary love is the golden treasure of the family tree.  With awareness and practice, it is possible to bring the universal qualities of grandparents more strongly into your body and being.  In doing so, you enhance your own vital health and well-being, and that of your family.


"Sclerology" is the science that studies the markings in the scleras (the whites of the eyes) as signs of pathology.

sclerology photo

Sclerology: def., "Scler" = hard, "ology" = study of; anatomically, the sclera is the tough white outer coat of the eyeball, covering the entire surface of the eye. Posteriorly, the sclera is an outgrowth of the optic nerve. The posterior part, 5/6ths of the total area, is thick, white, and opaque. The remaining 1/6th anterior portion becomes transparent, and referred to as the cornea.
Dr. Leonard Book
Scientifically, and as an art in practice, Sclerology may be defined as a means of evaluating health conditions, including pathology, via the markings and colorings in the whites of the eyes. We have seen that the most obvious markings are (1) the red lines, (2) the gels, and (2) the general coloring. These certainly show data on physical pathology. However, emotional qualities are also available in certain ways. For a thorough consideration of the subject, including all it aspects, see the book, SCLEROLOGY – A New View of an Ancient Art, by Leonard Mehlmauer.

iridology chart

This is an example of an iridology chart, correlating areas of the left iris, as seen in the mirror, with portions of the left hand side of the body.

Iris Chart

Changes in color or appearance of the iris are said to indicate changes in the health of the corresponding section of the body. This is the corresponding chart for the right iris which relates to the right hand side of the body. The first use of the word Augendiagnostik ("eye diagnosis," loosely translated as iridology) began with Ignaz von Peczely, a 19th-century Hungarian physician. The most common story is that he got the idea for this diagnostic tool after seeing similar streaks in the eyes of a man he was treating for a broken leg and the eyes of an owl whose leg von Peczely had broken many years before. At the First International Iridological Congress, Ignaz von Peczely's nephew,

August von Peczely, dismissed this myth as apocryphal, and maintained that such claims were irreproducible. The German contribution in the field of natural healing is due to a minister Pastor Felke, who developed a form of homeopathy for treating specific illnesses and described new iris signs in the early 1900s.

However, Pastor Felke was subject to long and bitter litigation. The Felke Institute in Gerlingen, Germany was established as a leading center of iridological research and training. Iridology became better known in the United States in the 1950s, when Bernard Jensen, an American chiropractor, began giving classes in his own method. colored iris chartThis is in direct relationship with P. Johannes Thiel, Eduard Lahn (who became an American under the name of Edward Lane) and J Haskell Kritzer. Jensen insisted on the importance of the body's exposure to toxins, and the use of natural foods as detoxifiers.


GayleMarie has a sincere and nurturing spirit, and believes there is truly only one healer…

“The Innate Healer Within”.

Iridology Discover the hidden secrets of health that are revealed within the eye

Experience this ancient form of Health Evaluation via an Iridology Reading Gayle Marie Bradshaw



Iridologist, International Board Certified CHT, Lymphologist, Raw Food Coach, Grief Release Therapy, and Massage Therapist. Rainbow Technique Essential Oils Email: admin@internalAwareness.com


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