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Here is the link on line in case you missed the PBS special on the Medicated Child.


NO MENTION OF THE up to 37 vaccines given to children in the childhood vaccine schedule as possible cause of these behavior symptoms.

No one seemed to notice that in a significant number of cases the childhood problems showed up around 3 or 4 years old...that is just about the age our researchers notice the more demonstrable effects of the childhood vaccine schedule injuries.

NCOW claims that the greatest solution is to stop giving out kids the over the top 37 vaccines scheduled by the CDC which our many independent (non industry associated) researchers testify is the cause of ADD, ADHD and the Autism spectrum diagnosis. In our opinion, the entire generation has been injured to a more or less degree by vaccines and their components such as mercury.  

We encourage Congress to fund a comparative study of behavior of non vaccinated demographics such as in the Amish, Christian Science, and TM communites


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