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Already Healthy

To whom it may concern,

Seeing is believing but feeling is the ultimate proof! Originally the idea of something called colon cleansing and any related subject to an alternative health path was something entirely foreign if not *fruity/wierd* to a conservative, southern-born woman.

Then I experienced a need in my own life to detoxify my body. Fortunately it was not due to a grave illness as others have found this path via last-resort.

Gayle openly answered my questions from our initial contact via phone taking time out of her busy day. She was the only person listed in the phone book as a legitimate practicioner let alone one who posessed such legitimate information via her website as well as valuable stories.

Gayle was the focal point of personally moving forward, opening up a world of discovery and explorative health practices that are ardently not discussed in most major medical journals let alone by typical physicians.

In addition to Gayle's personal touch, she has been a wealth of information taking the time to offer open feedback and non-aggressive guidance; she is truly seeking the best solution for each human and not to "sell" individuals on any particular product or practice. We are all unique humans with special needs.

After a thorough cleansing, altering part of my lifestyle from diet and exercise to basic holistic health practices, I have lost nearly 15 pounds and am truly experiencing one of the most healthy and joyously productive periods of my now 30 years of life.

Up until this time my friends and family already considered me to be one of the healthiest people they knew. I did as well but looking at 30 experiencing a minor health crisis and learning of another friend's results at 42, decided my body could probably use a thorough cleanse.

It was amazing to see the amount of waste flow out of my body let alone a penny forgottenly swallowed in childhood. Really, Lawyer's (in-school) are supposed to be "full of it" but I had no idea! ;-0

Seeing also continues: my skin has become so much smoother and clear; cravings for sugar and starch are practically gone; exercise has become easier - much less a chore; I look lighter and my clothes are certainly more svelt; mucus and allergic reactions are less; break- thru's have occured due to the freeing up of some kind of "stuff" from energy renewal to fewer worries.

Seeing is one thing but most importantly, I have never felt so healthy - all from making slight changes which started with a thorough cleansing.

Thank you Gayle for being part of the vehicle for change!



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