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Ray's Story

This is an account of my experience with Colon Hydrotherapy through Internal Awareness with Gayle Bradshaw.

The short version is that chest pains have disappeared. Stomach pains and headaches have eased, in fact, many of the health concerns that were bothering me have eased. My attitude has improved, I'm more positive, and I have completely stopped taking any medication.

I started CHT on December 13th, 1999 and eventually completed 16 sessions over a five week period. Four were originally recommended. I had so much success with the first four that I continued with a series of 12 more. The following table shows the results of my therapy:
Before After

"Brick" in my stomach GONE
Chest Pains GONE
Congestion GONE
Headaches Eased
Fatigue Eased
Poor Eating Habits Working on it
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Eased
High Cholesterol Lowered
Three Tylenol Daily Stopped


There were two things that prompted me to try Colon Hydrotherapy: chronic stomach problems, and deteriorating health. The pain in my stomach felt like a knot, like a brick, in the middle of my abdomen.

Stomach problems have plagued me for years. I also had two tender spots in my abdomen that showed up about a year ago. Chest pains have been with me about 18 months for which two doctors could not remedy.

I started experiencing allergies a few years ago, which were getting worse, and for which I was taking Allegra and Vacenase (a steriod inhaler) for the chest pain. I was taking Provocol for Cholesterol and, oh yes, three Tylenol at a time, usually daily, to get to sleep.

Physically I was not working out nearly as much as is customary for me.

During the first two weeks of CHT I stopped taking all my medication. I just didn't feel like putting these things into my body.

At the same time, I dramatically increased my water intake to 14 - 18 cups daily, and started drinking fresh carrot juice. My chest pains had eased, as well as headaches (though these have not entirely gone away). My allergic reactions had decreased.

As for the cholesterol medication, I had cut down on eating meat considerably, and was flushing everything out four times a week, so I didn't see the need. A subsequent cholesterol test shows it to be at 202, my lowest yet.


I can't say enough how incredible it is for me to be rid of that knot and the associated occasional nausea.

This goes for the chest pains too, which caused me much anxiety. I really feel my health has turned around. There's more work still to do, but I've taken a very significant step in the right direction.

Now let me say a few words about Gayle, and the way she works. Gayle is very professional and very caring. She gets right to the work at hand and helps you through any rough spots.

I was as relaxed and comfortable as possible. During the first few sessions, I experienced a retching I get when I've pushed myself too hard. Gayle helped me through this. There was some nasty something or other that made me ill, and expelling these toxins during the first week took a lot out of me, I needed to rest afterwards.

I was quite comfortable and glad to be able to rest afterwards at Gayle's home before returning to work. The sickness passed as I expelled more and more toxins. I feel so good about Gayle and the way she works.


Her advice is simple and clear:

  • For two weeks drink 10-16 cups of water daily (until I wasn't thirsty any more)
  • Consider raw food and think about incorporating them into your diet
  • Expect some flu-like symptoms as the toxins are released
  • Feel more relaxed inside
  • Hydration comes before hunger, you are always thirsty first -- drink water!
  • Stop drinking coffee!

So that's my story. I've had very good results with Colon Hydrotherapy and would recommend it as a great step in healing a variety of health concerns. I'm learning more and more about this aspect of caring for my health and look forward to having a much healthier life.


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