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Breast Tumor

To whom it may concern: December 2, 2001

I was client of Gayle Bradshaw's from November 2000 to April 2001. During this time, Gayle gifted me with four sessions of hydrocolonics and Infared Sauna treatments per week with one two week break for the 2000 Holiday Season. There was no way I could have afforded this with no resources, as I have not been able to work since June 1995.

When I came to her, my physical complaints were varied and intense, as I had unknowingly inhaled a highly toxic carcinogen (Beta 2 Mercaptoethanal) at the workplace in 1994 and had not had enough resources to detoxify properly.

( I had been denied Worker's Compensation because I had worked as a Temp) This serious injury led to a cancerous tumor of the breast, and numerous chemical damage and allergic reactions.

The blood brain barrier had been damaged beyond repair, and I had numerous energy blockages throughout my body. The physical reactions were to any inhaled synthetic chemical substance.

They ranged from belching to constipation, and from rashes to bad eyesight. I suffered from mental confusion, I had numerous headaches, open sores at the corners of my mouth, joint aches and pains, muscle pain, back pain, and edema.

After the five month period of Gayles colonics coupled with Infrared sauna treatments, the skin rashes disappeared.

After four weeks the cracks at the sides of my mouth had vanished. The headaches disappeared. I reduced at least a half a dress size, which did wonders for my mental and emotional outlook.

I stopped belching when I breathed in chemicals such as car and bus fumes, skunk odors, and paint, (everything except tar) and my bowel movements were frequent and normal in consistency for the first time in my several years. My eyesight improved slightly as well. The aches and pains disappeared.

I was encouraged to switch to a total organic raw vegetarian diet, which I did from January 1st 2001 until I had to leave the state for a family death in April 2001. Since June 2001 80% of my diet has been raw organic food.

I believe Gayle saved my life!


If it had not been for her, my body would not have been able to dump the numerous toxins necessary to give me a better quality of life. A recent live blood cell analysis indicated that my body poison rate is 97%. It was tipping over 100% when I first met Gayle. I have been encouraged to continue the colonics by my German oncologist, who is treating me homeopathically for the tumor.

I can't say enough good things about Gayle's extensive knowledge of the human body. She is highly trained, and has over 20 years of experience in the field of health, nutrition, and emotional balance. I promised her in November 2000 when we met that I would follow her instructions to the letter, and I kept this commitment Through the harmonious work we both did, I suffered through four separate healing crisis', but kept going with her encouragement.

I am still alive, and holistically able to battle the tumor. Four persons within my circle of friends and acquaintances were diagnosed with tumors of different kinds at the same time I was, around April 1997. They all followed conventional allopathic treatment plans. All four are now dead.

I am very grateful to Gayle for teaching me the value of the healing properties of the human body. I know that because of her, I am still alive today.


Yours in Spirit,

Kimberly Murphy
San Mateo, California

Note: Kimberly died, 3 years later. Please refer to our information on chemicals. And then please, won't you try our water. I miss her.
Please refer to "Did U Know" section, for information on the house hold toxic chemicals.


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