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The enema is administered with a bag or bucket ranging in volume from 1 1/2 to 4 quarts. The standard volume size is 2 quarts. The volume taken in during the enema is determined by the size of the bag. Most people use the standard 2 quart size. If the person needs to relieve them self before the 2 quarts flow in, the person can estimate how much water went in based on the remaining volume in the bag. Some enema containers are clear plastic and note volume in centiliters and ounces.

Douche and hot water bags purchased at most drug stores and supermarkets double as an enema bag. The bag comes with a few feet of hosing and a small 3" pencil-thin speculum that is inserted a few inches into the anus. A small clasp near the speculum end of the hosing allows the recipient to regulate the water flow and pressure.

The bag is usually hung on a shower rod or towel rack. The higher the elevation, the greater the water pressure. Water pressure does not exceed 1 pound psi. Purified water is best to use in the enema container. Enema positions vary. Generally, the recipient is kneeling with the upper torso and/or face resting on the floor. Some individuals rest on their back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Others begin the process on their left side, move the their back and then to their right side. Nursing training generally has the recipient lay on their left side. Gerson therapy has the recipient lay on their right side to
receive the enema.

Some people feel enemas are unable to reach as far as the cecum, the beginning of the ascending colon. Others are highly successful in filling the entire colon. Mainly, people need to practice enemas to improve getting the water to the ascending colon and breathing through peristaltic waves to allow water to flow in. Learning to take a good enema is like learning any other skill. It takes time and practice.


Enemas can be combined with yoga, breathing, and abdominal massage for best effect. I combine the enema with yoga postures and breathing plus abdominal massage and I'm able to get the water around to the ascending colon. The massage, breathing and postures are also helpful to stimulate peristalsis so that the muscles work to expel all the waste and enema water.

Some people have spasms in their intestines and they can take little water until the warm water and/or an abdominal massage and/or tincture of valerian opens the spasm. They take smaller mounts in the beginning and relieve themselves when they can't take any more. They continue to put water in via the enema bag after each release on the toilet. This situation is also true of any others who have difficulty retaining the water or getting water into and around the intestines.

Enemas are usually self-administered however they can also be given by a parent, partner, nurse or friend. However, Internal Awareness does not give enemas. It is better to give your baby a warm enema, than let them be consitpated. Constipation can lead to chronic health issues.Click on the photo, to purchase a syring for a baby.

baby syring

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How do I do an Enema?

  1. Connect enema bag with enema tube, and enema tube with enema nozzle
  2. Fill the enema bag with enema liquid.
  3. Clamp enema tube.
  4. Hang the enema bag at a height of about 3-4 feet (1 - 1.5 m).
  5. Lie on your back, on the floor.
  6. Lubricate your anus and nozzle with olive oil.
  7. Slowly and gently insert the nozzle into your anus. (It is much more comfortable if you lubricate the nozzle).
  8. Release the clamp and let the enema liquid flow into the sigmoid colon.
  9. Clamp the tubing as soon as there is a sensation of "fullness" or when the enema bag is empty.
  10. Remove the nozzle from your anus.
  11. If possible, without forcing yourself, retain the enema for 2 - 10 minutes
  12. Empty your bowel.
  13. After emptying your bowel, you can repeat the process
  14. If you cannot hold 1 or 2 cups of enema liquid, take several smaller enemas.

Most commonly adult person would use 1/2 or up to one liter of water. Procedure is usually repeated several times, until colon is totally clean.  Best results are achieved by massaging the intestines and by holding the water as long as possible/comfortable. It is smart to add probiotics into the last enema water!

How do you know that colon is clean? By the color of water that is coming out. Once the water is clean, it usually means that colon is clean, but some people may have layers of mucoid plaque, and it may take days or weeks of cleansing to get it out!

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