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Chronic Hay Fever
From GayleMarie
June 11, 2002

I grew up in Idaho, and swam in the cannels, reservoirs, lakes, and rivers. Sometime around the age of 14 began to develop asthma, and arthritis. Before I was 20 I had hay fever. I am now, at the time of this writing, 54. I have suffered from chronic hay fever, asthma and phenomena for over 30 years.


· Swollen itchy eyes
· 3 months a year would have days of sneezing fits that would last 10 to 15 minutes per episode.
· Tickling sensation under skin on face
· Loss of energy from all the irritation
· Sore red nose and mouth from sneezing and using Kleenex
· Would get cold sores on mouth from the stress
· Foggy head
· Extreme physical and emotional irritation
· Asthma would turn into phenomena within 12 weeks
· Would have to drive to the beach to get some relief
· Puffy eyes
· Runny nose, non stop!!
· Sinus pressure
· Not able to breath through nose
· Vision difficulty
· Pain in the lungs and back
· Loss of appetite
· Extreme sensitivity to cats, rabbits, ferrets, dust
· Extreme sensitivity to pollens, i.e. San Jose, Sacramento etc.
· Difficult to drive
· Not able to function for more than an hour if outside my own town

Needless to say I was a mess!! And so is everyone else who suffers with hay fever.
As with any disorder in my body I tried every thing short of drugs. NAET, NLP, herbs, remedies, fasting, raw foods, juicing, you name it. Still each spring I would be devastated, week and sick. Each year I would end up with asthma and then phenomena. My face would age about 15 years. Going to the beach was the only way to get away from the pollens.

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I tried the Q2 Hydro bath two times, once on a Friday night April 12, and again on Sunday April 14. Wednesday the 17th, I was down with hay fever. I was in such pain that I thought my head was in a vice. It hurt so much I couldn't see. The pain was intense. (but, not unusual) I took my dog to the beach, how I made it over there I don't know. I found a spot to lie down, and prayed that I would be able to breath and rest. It wasn't long, and it began to rain. I lied there for about 30 more minutes and began my walk back to the Jeep. Still sick and weak, I came home, and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and could feel my head beginning to drain. I blew my nose, and coughed up mucous; I noticed that something had changed. My head began to drain. With each blow, instead of my head filling back up, it began to clear up. Within 10 days my head was completely clear. I have not had a hay fever symptom since. The News tells us that we are experiencing the worst hay fever season to ever hit San Jose.

What has changed for me are the following:

· No symptoms of hay fever at all
· Eyes are clear
· Lungs are clear
· Nose isn't running
· Energy is high
· Attitude is positive and energized
· Able to be around cats!!
· Can travel to Sacramento, and Northern California with no symptoms
· Can breath day and night
· No sinus pain of any kind
· No irritation in the face or eyes
I have my life back. This is the first time in 34 years that I have been able to enjoy the spring season.

It is wonderful to be alive!! : )
More of this Please!!!

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20 Year of Chronic Back Pain

I was injured in a company 1985, and have suffered daily since. I sought every kind of alternative therapy that I could find: Chiropractic, and all the variations of chiropractic, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, John Ray body electronics, strengthening exercises, yoga, I fasted, did raw food, prayed, did past life regression, pain management, massage, and what ever else came along. I took all kinds of supplements, herbs; eastern and western, MsM, you name it, I took it. Day after day, and night after night my life was filled with pain. After the 1st 15 years of pain I stopped searching for answers and began to just live with it. I refused to give it any attention. If friends mentioned it, I would just say I'd rather not talk about it. Yet many nights it would be so unbearable that tears would roll down my face, as I lay in bed wondering how much longer I would have to endure. I was loosing the felling in my left leg, as the pain would radiate from my hips down both legs into the ankle.

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I had my home furnished in a way that would allow me some comfort, but if I went to someone else's house, I couldn't sit on their furniture. I did the same with my vehicles. I had a bicycle designed just for my situation. There were times when I thought I would be in a walker and many times I thought I would be completely paralyzed. At times, when I was working, my legs would not hold my body, and I would loose control and nearly fall. The only way I could get comfortable was to lie on my side, or stand up.

I bought the Q2 system because after the first two treatments it helped me with hay fever, but I had no idea that it was already helping me with back pain. I the past the pain level was such that it was nearly blinding. Now, after only a few short weeks of having this unit, it is brought a new hope to my life.

I feel great and I am greatful. I knew God would help me find a way to heal my back.

And He did. After 18 years of pain, constant, debilitating, pain, I am nearly pain free, thanks to the Q2 Hydro System.

At the time of this writing, I am able to do the following:

· Able to stretch hamstrings with out sciatica nerve pain. Touch my toes without re-injuring my sciatica nerve.
· Drive for long distances and be able to get out of the vehicle and walk. It used to take me up to a minute to realign my back before I could take a step.
· I am now taking Wushu Kung Fu martial arts 3 nights a week.
· Taking 3 private dance lessons a week.
· Ride horses between 2 and 3 hrs 2 x's a week
· Roller skate or Roller blade 2 nights a week for 3 hrs.
· Able to lift heavy items without the worry of being bed ridden for days.
· I can slouch on the couch. : ) Kinda fun sometimes.
· Driving in general is much more comfortable was only able to tolerate 20 min a car before, now I love driving.
· Pick up my grand children, and hold them in my arms or play with them. (They weigh over 30 pounds now : ).
· Water ski for 20-25 minutes non stop

Life Is Great and I am Grateful: More of this Please : )


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