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Y2K The new Millennium



  Y2K The New Millennium

Y2K, the new millennium every where people are talking about it. What to do? What will happen? Our clients come in telling us fears they have about the soon to be outdated computer chips. What kind of an impact will it have on our society as we know it today. Everywhere you turn the topic is up for discussion on your favorite radio or TV stations. Whispers of fears. Our nation is run by computers. Every train, plane, and automobile will be affected. Some companies have what they hope is the answer to this problem but what if they don’t. Programmers are doing all they can to reprogram data and information bases, but it is a multi billion dollar problem with overwhelming amounts of bits and bites of code to find and fix.

Unfortunately this is still part of the unknown. Our government, and the military have not so much as started to solve this problem with their equipment. If the year 2,000 hits and city infrastructures shut down we will be faced with no direction. Even if you think your not affected because you don’t use a computer or have already upgraded your system, this will affect everyone. City street lights, police departments, emergency services, hospitals, communication outlets all may be inoperable. Transportation of goods and services may stop with no gas stations operational they wont be able to go very far. With no control or rules, chaos and confusion will strike, turning some people to violence and vandalism. Could you imagine the Bay Area with no traffic control? Or your streets without lighting. Instead of celebrating the new millennium in joyful, happy ways with parties fireworks and noise makers, your lights go out, the city becomes dark, communication systems stop functioning and their you are. Alone.

Even though there is a potential for disaster we should start planning and thinking in a positive preventative way now. Many people have encouraged others to take the next 12 months and stock up on food and water. Enough to last 3 to 6 months. We agree with this. Only we would like to add a few things. We propose that we not only prepare for the worst, but lets think of this as a great opportunity to make changes in our community.

Not only should we all stock up on food and water, but rather than hoard the food and stand guard over it, stock up enough for you and a neighbor. Maybe not he guy next door, but perhaps someone else you know that may not be able to help himself.

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  • Build a garden. If there is enough room put an add in the paper and offer to share this garden with a neighbor or an apartment dweller who would like to share in a garden space in your back yard.
  • Learn to use and grow sprouts, and begin to eat very low on the food chain


  • Stock up on nuts and seeds. Use some for eating and some for planting

  • Stock up on flash lights and items to keep you warm during the cold nights

  • Create a close neighborhood watch program to protect each other, rather than fear one another

  • Take this time to create a community of people that will support and help each other through this time

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  • Take this opportunity to rebuild and recreate something good, rather than live in fear of the unknown

  • Encourage everyone you know, to stop eating meat, we will be able to use that cattle land to grow local Food for the community

  • Encourage the owner of a unused lots to let you turn that ground into a usable garden

Perhaps there is more opportunity in this Y2K disaster than we realize. Think of how we can help one another, rather than fear each other.

If the Y2K doesn’t happen and life goes on in the year 2,000 just as we know it, then no harm is done. More good will come out of this if the consciousness of each of us is positive. This could be the change we need to bring us together as a community.


Holly Bells

Internal Awareness would like to thank all of you who have joined our loving family and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Peace be with you.

Holly Bells


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