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Photo of Gayle

More about Gayle: Overseerer of Internal Awareness

Synopsis of my education, training, & self work.

1971 to Present  self taught nutritionist - curing myself of chronic sinus and asthma problems to Narcolepsy, dyslexia, degenerating disc disease, fibroid tumors, hypoglycemia, thyroid problems, anxiety and panic attacks, restless leg syndrome, colon/digestive problems, insomnia, manic depression, leg cramps, arthritis and a acne. I have had 3 degree burns, been bitten by a dog, fallen while cycling or rollerblading, had staph infection and cured it all without medication or stitches or seeing a doctor.

The following is a list of my certification and studies.

1972-1982     Reflexology, Polarity,  Kinesiogloy and Magnet therapy. Worked in holistic cancer clinic.
1983               Body Electronics & Grief Work Certifications
03/19/84         Emerson College - Fellowship Certification in Holistic Health: Master of Herbology
04/20/84         Institute of Natural Therapies - Massage Therapy
08/27/88         1st International Iridology & Health Symposium - Certificate of Merit
09/10/90         International Academy of Lymphology - Certified Lymphologist
08/20/91         Bernard Jensen - Certificate of Excellence, Iridology - Nutrition - Holistic Healing
08/20/91         Iridologist International - Iridology
11/03/91         Center of Natural Health - Certification of Completion of Therapeutic Massage
04/15/92         Member of I-ACT, International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy
09/04/92          Specialty Health - Hydrosan Equipment and Colon Hydrotherapy
02/17/95         Stillman Institute of Hypnotherapy - Master Course of Hypnosis
04/08/95         Stillman Institute of Hypnotherapy - Beginning Intermediate Hypnosis
04/19/95         American Council of Hypnosis Examiners - Certificate of Achievement
05/07/95         Stillman Institute of Hypnotherapy - Advanced Hypnosis
06/09/95         Stillman Institute of Hypnotherapy - Regression therapy
06/11/95         Stillman Institute of Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis and the Grieving Process
07/07/95         Stillman Institute of Hypnotherapy - Child Hypnotherapy
07/07/95         Stillman Institute of Hypnotherapy - Clinical Hypnotherapy
08/24/95         Internal Environment Institute - Colon Hydrotherapy
08/24/95         Internal Environment Institute - Colon Hydrotherapy - Advanced
10/06/95         Dotolo Institute International - Colon Hydrotherapy
10/15/95         Internal Environment Institute - Colon Hydrotherapy
10/09/97         The 15 Minute Miracle Reviled - A.O.L.
04/09/98         NuLife Sciences - Applied Nutritional Microscopy Certificate
07/18/98         Essene Church of Christ - Minister
03/25/99         Alternative Therapy Associates - Certificate of Accomplishment: Darkfield Microscopy Pleomorphism
04/30/99         Enderlein Enterprises - Certificate of Accomplishment Blood Diagnoses of Light field and Dark Field Microscopy

08/13/99         International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor
05/18/00         4th International Congress of Applied Iridology
05/21/00         Institute for Applied Iridology "Time Risk Experiential"
07/01/00         Member of International Iridology Research Association
07/10/00         Iridology Research Association Pre-Certification Seminar in Iridology
07/15/00         Iridology Research Association Certification Seminar in Iridology Escondido
09/22/01        National Board Certification in Colon Hydrotherapy (1st of 23 in, in the World at this time)San Antonio TX.
09/28/01         Integrated Eyeology Burlington, Canada Grand Medicine
10/06/01         Certificate of Membership the World Eyeology Guild
2/4/02             Present Wushu Kung Fu Martial Arts
2/6/02 -           Present Private Voice Lesson - Objection to sing Jim Bruno
3/5/02-            Present Private Hustle Dance lesson/ and Salsa - objective: competition
03/31/02         Integrated Eyeology, Denver, CO Grand Medicine
06/14/02         International Iridology Expo, Lake San Marcos Resort, CA
06/15/02         Rayid Birth Order Conference, Lake San Marcos Resort, CA
06/28/02         The 15 Minute Miracle Revealed T.O.L
07/03/02         Water Ski School - Horton Lakes - Ca
08/14/02         present Horse whisper horse training
09/19/02         Frederick Gilbert Associates, Inc. Power Speaking Training
01/11/03         Berry Ryan self development & communication training
03/01/04         -          
03/21/04         Internship with Dr. Leonard Mehlmaure -  Grand Medicine - Las Vegas, Nevada
01/16/09         American River College – Microcomputer Applications
-Present          Career goal: Bachlors in Micro Computer Application

As a single parent, (in the early 70’s) I raised 4 children on healthy food, exercise, and positive spirit. I delegated myself as our family doctor, in a time and age when this was not an acceptable idea. I mention this because it is important that you understand that not only do I practice holistic health, but I also live it. This it my life's work, my dharma.
The comfort and safety of my clients is of most importance. As a colon hydrotherapist hygiene is critical. I use ALL disposable speculums, and tubing and sterilize my instrument & bathroom after each use My treatment rooms, sauna, and bathrooms are clean and comfortable.
More than being knowledgeable in alternative health care and being able to share this knowledge with my client, I have a sincere love and desire to help people in any way that I can. I believe anyone one can become an Iridologist, Hypnotherapist or Colon Therapist, but not everyone comes from their heart. I am motivated by a spiritual love for my clients. Personal health challenges have led me to search for deeper understanding of health and well being.
What do my clients say about me?

The response I receive from my clients in the form of cards, letters and phone calls, warms my heart. Many times people tell me, that my work has helped them in many aspects of their lives. A common statement is, "I am so glad I found you", or "you saved my life". However, I believe, I am only a vehicle; I am here simply to assist my clients on their journey. It is truly, an honor to be a part of that journey.

Continue educations in the following: Dance, Martial Arts, Singing/voice, water skiing, horse training, dog training
Activities: SCUBA diving, inline skating, endurance training, cycling. Currently enrolled full time at Americal River College Sacramento: Learning to re-build this web site.

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