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Healing Crises

What is a Healing Crisis?

It is important to understand that during colon hydrotherapy (and/or most complementary healing therapies) there is an experience known as the “healing crisis.” Toxic residues, which have been retained in the body must be released and removed by the tissue systems of the body. Often this creates an uncomfortable experience, which we refer to as the “healing crisis.”

As the cleansing begins, it is possible that periodic aches and pains can occur in the areas where the cleansing action is most acute and where waste is loading the elimination system. The sooner the discomfort is felt, the better the elimination of toxins will be. This means the healing process is underway.

Do not expect lifetime accumulations packed into the systems to be miraculously flushed out of the organs and tissues in one visit. It will take time. You may experience high and low days. But, with learning how to take care of your body with cleansing, nutrition and exercise your body will be brought into a harmonious balance.

Healing Crises

Let me explain further. Example: A baby is born and it soon develops, ear infections and the Dr. gave him meds for the infection. Then as a adolescent, the child gets colds, flues, allergies, asthma etc.. As an adult he continued to take meds to suppress even more symptoms, and developed Candida, aches and pains, and then more trips to the  doctor’s office. But he is not getting better. He begins to feel sluggish, lethargic, have acid reflux, and is always get very sick in the winter etc.

There is an order for the body to heal. It heals from the Top - Down, from the Inside - Out and in the reversed order of symptoms.

What this means is, headaches, nasal problems, skin disorders etc are the Top. These are the first areas the body will began to heal.

Inside - Out means, the colon is the "inside" of your body, and the "Out" is the skin. The colon must be cleaned 1st. Cleaning the colon first, will help the liver, spleen, pancreases, etc to begin its healing process as well. Of course, these organs are also major player in "blood", or blood disorders.

Next we heal in the "reversed order". What that means is the body might go through the same symptoms of a flue, or skin breakouts, or feel really bad, as your body is now able, and perhaps for the 1st time, in its life, is able to get rid of the virus or bacteria that caused it to get sick in the first place. So don't reach for that aspirin, or cold medication. Ride it out.

Drink ONLY water. http://gaylebradshaw.h2origin.com/


Is this a Healing Crisis?

Help your body do its job. Give your body a chance to flush out the toxins. One these days, doing a colonic, sauna etc as it will speed up the process of detoxing and lesson the negative effects of detoxing.

If you wonder "Am I really sick? or is this a Healing Crisis?" Here is what you do. Three things.

#1. Ask yourself "What is this really about?" (Never ask Why) If you will use these words, your answer will come, and it will be very clear, if it isn't clear. You will be given an answer and time frame as to when you got sick in the past. Meaning, if you were really sick, your body has memory of that. So ask.

It will reminde you that, "oh ya, I remember, I was sick 5 years ago, and was hospitalized... yada yada ..." And they gave me.. what ever meds etc. to help you through it. This is the way the body throws out the trash. Takes you back through the symptoms, puts you down so you have to go to bed, while it cleans house. It can't heal when you are up running around, you use up too much of the healing energy. You may even get a fever.

#2. The next thing is do is ask. "When was the last time I felt like this?" (Never ask Why) Its kinda the same as the first question, but the words are important. This again, helps helps the mind "trace" back in time, and quickly retrieve the information.

Your mind will bring up that information for you and you can review it. What was going on emotionally, physically, and what did you do to suppress the symptoms?

#3.   How to know if it is a healing crisis, or disease crisis? Place your hand on your forehead. Pull it away about 1/2 inch. If your head was hot when you placed your hand on it, but now you can't feel any heat, it is a "Healing Crisis". Rejoice, the body is doing everything it can to clean up the mess.. Drink more water, http://gaylebradshaw.h2origin.com/

snuggle down in your bed, and ride it out.Take nutritional supplements like vitamin C, Barley Life, carrot juice etc. to help it along, but don't suppress it again.

Drugs suppress the symptoms deep into the cellularand intracellular memory. More drugs won't help. Water is your best medicine. Bath in it, do an Epson salt bath, drink it, do colon hydrotherapy, and remember to bless the water. (the body is 75% water) Be grateful that your body is going through this. It means you are strong and healthy enough now to do it.

Colon hydrotherapy rejuvenates every cell of the body. Colon Hydrotherapy release toxins; cleanses the blood; improves the immune system and restores the pH balance in the body. This process will make you feel alive with a new life force.



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