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Psyllium Alert

We at Internal Awareness would like you to be aware of a situation that we are finding with 9 out of 10 of you who either are using or have used colon cleansing products that rely on fiber and bulking agents, especially psyllium seed hulls:

We believe the fiber and bulking agents are getting trapped in the bowels because of "sluggish" colons or pockets and ballooning in the colon.

We know this because we see these fiber and bulking agents being washed out during colon hydrotherapy in significant amounts months and years after they have been taken. This is a situation that we feel is slowing down or reversing the cleansing process for many of you.

Here at Internal Awareness, it is our intention to guide you during your sessions and to teach you how to use safe and effective techniques and products to regain the integrity of your colon. Rather than psyllium we prefer to use product that contain fax seeds.

If you have taken psyllium and you are worse off now than you were, seek a colon hydrotherapist, someone using the Libbe, to flush this out of your body. Only about 1% of the population can take these products. As an Iridologist, I see hundreds of eyes, and when I look at the colon pattern, I see those who can and those who won't do well using these bulking agents.


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