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Questions you should ask when looking for a Colon Hydrotherapist

1. How much schooling or training do they have?

2. Where did they get their training?

3. Are they members of I-ACT? (International Association of Colon Therapy)
E-mail I-ACT (iact@healthy.net) for referral in your area

4. What kind of system they use. Gravity fed or water flow regulated.

5. It is important that you check this equipment out carefully. Our site list 2 kinds. Ask them for the name, and do a web search, to learn more.

6. Does the therapist do any kind of massage on the colon?

7. Will they be with you during the entire process?

8. Do they re-use their speculums? If they says "yes, "they will clean and disinfect them for you and you can take them home and bring them back with you."

9. Go to their office and interview them. Check their facilities. Is it clean, safe and comfortable? If you visit an office, remember it’s on their time, so be courteous, take no more than 5 minutes of their time.

10. Do they have doctors to refer patients to them? Ask for the doctors’ name and number.

11. Do the therapist sell you "colon products" clean me out programs, etc. or do they "teach you" how to eat in order to keep the colon functioning?

12. What kind of diet or life style do they have?

13. Are they an example of what they teach?

I hope this help you find a good therapist, and that your experience with colon hydrotherapy will be a good one.



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