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Brown Rice Tea Recipe


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Another remedy that can be used in conjunction with the vegetable soup is brown rice tea. It is a good diuretic for ridding excess water from the body. For diabetics, it can bring the sugar level down by producing more natural insulin in the body. It cleanses the blood and blood vessel. A person with a heart condition drinking both soups in 20 days will be able to regulate their problem by drinking three cups per day. For a regular cancer patients, about two cups.

1 cup of brown rice
16 cups water (use Kangen water)
(Note: Only cook in glass or ceramic pots. No metallic pots. Do not mix with any other ingredients. Don’t be creative.)


1. Roast the rice without oil until dark brown but don’t burn. Boil 8 cups of water and pour roasted rice into water. Turn off flame, cover and let sit five minutes. Strain out rice and reserve liquid.

2. Boil 8 more cups of water. Put the remaining rice back in the water. Cover, lower flame and simmer five minutes. Strain rice out. Mix the two rice waters together.

Special Notes:

The amount one needs depend on the condition. The more serious the condition, the more tea.

1. Do not drink tea while taking a high protein substance.

2. Don’t drink the vegetable soup and brown rice tea together.

Wait at least 15 minutes apart

3, If you use this remedy regularly you will never be sick.

Some possible reactions:

1. Itchy skin or eczema

2. If you use medications and/or have eczema, use less because of stronger reaction

3. People with head injury problems may develop headaches but don’t worry.

4. People with eye problems may get temporary blurred vision or itching around eyes. Eyesight will get better. If you wear prescription glasses, try to reduce the prescription and use glasses less frequently.

5. Lowering of body temperature, but this is normal.

For high blood pressure, drink the two soups alternately but slowly. Blood pressure will come down after one month. Talk to a doctor about reducing medication, but don’t stop medication right away. Use remedy for minium of one month.

Progress of Healing:

After three days of use cancer cells stop growing.
After a minimum of one month normal cells begin to grow back.
Pancreatic Cancer: minimum 1 month
Stomach Cancer: 1 month
Liver Cancer: 1 year
Rheumatism: 1 year
Cataracts: 4 months
Eye Disease: 1-4 months
Insomnia, Sinusitis, Fatigue: 10-20 days
Eczema: 4-7 months
Liver Spots: 3-6 months skin will clear
Hair growth: 6-12 months
Stroke: 6-12 months
Irregular heart beat: 20 days.

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