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Pot and Scroll Rejuvelac


A good rejuvelac recipe is:

1/4 cup soft wheat berries
1/4 cup whole rye berries
2 gallons purified water (use Kangen water)

Day #1:

I n the morning, combine the grains in a gallon jar, cover with plastic mesh and secure with a rubber band.

Add at least 2 quarts of water and soak for 8-12 hours

That evening, pour off the soak water and rinse.

Day #2:

In the morning, rinse and drain again, and repeat this process in the evening.

Day #3:

In the morning, rinse once and drain well. Rinse again with purified water, drain ad add 2 quarts of purified water. Put jar in a cool dark place and allow to ferment for 36-48 hours.

Day #4:

In the morning pour your first batch of rejuvelac into a container and store in the refrigerator to drink that day.

Pour 2 more quarts of purified water onto the sprouted grains, (do not rinse) and allow to ferment for another 24 hours.

Day #6

In n the morning repeat step #5

Day #7

The final morning, pour your third batch onto a container and store in the refrigerator to drink that day.

Discard grains and wash jar well.

Another recipe

"The Sprout People" click here

We start with Rye, it makes a great tasting Rejuvelac! Try other grains too and find out what you like best.

Soft wheat is a common grain for Rejuvelac, but it is not often a good sprouter, and though some Rejuvelac recipes don’t require that the seed even sprout - we prefer seeds that do sprout (We are the Sproutpeople after all!). So we use Rye, though as previously stated you may use any big grains.

Sprouts to Use

Rye Any or All Other Grains


2 Cups Rye
10 Cups Water (use Kangen Water)
2 Qt. Jar


Step 1- 8

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1. Soak 2 cups of Rye in your 2 quart jar. Cover with 1 quart or more of cool (60-70 °) water. Stir seeds up to assure even water contact. Soak for 8 - 12 hours.

2. Pour off water.

3. Rinse (fill Jar 3/4 full with water), twirl vigorously, pour water out, and repeat - if necessary - until water runs clear). Use cool (60-70°) water.

4. Drain thoroughly by shaking your Jar - you want as little water as possible to remain in your Jar between Rinses. Set your Jar in a low-light, room temperature (70° is best) location.

5. Rinse and Drain (repeat steps 3 + 4) again 8 - 12 hours later.

6. 8 - 12 hours later your seeds will have the beginnings of little tails (sprouts). Add 6 cups of water (use Kange Water) to the sprouts and place the jar in the usual low-light, room temperature (70° is best) location for 2 days.

7. Pour liquid - this is your Rejuvelac - into a glass and drink some! Refrigerate the remainder until ready to drink or use in a recipe.

8. You may make more Rejuvelac by repeating step 3 and then adding 1 quart of water. Place your Jar in the usual location and culture your Rejuvelac for1 day - then follow step 6 again.

Your sprouts are now pretty much spent so toss ‘em to the critters (squirrels, rabbits, birds and many other outdoor creatures love sprouts) or compost them. Don't throw ‘em in the garbage; nothing decomposes in a landfill (below 30 feet). If you have chickens; they'll love them!

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