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Voice Rejoice


Pot and Scroll Voice Rejoice

 Vocal Throat Cleanse Our Healthful Kitchen Since 1975 by Donna Simon,  of  "Flennis & The Family Simon"

1   pint Vingar

2   pint water (use Kangen Water)

1 oz each of the following herbs:
    Scullcap - Myrhh - Black Cohosh - Lobelia

1/2 oz  Cayenne

Direction:   Shake well.  Pour 1 teaspoon of Voice Rejoice into 1/4 cup luke warm water.  Gargle with small sips while leaning head back and sounding low to high musical scale.  Spit out.   Clear throat and spit out any phlegm that come up each time.  Use or prior to performance as needed.

The natural herbal restorative within this formula has for years promoted relief in voice and speech.  Soothing effects and properties on the throat center, considered to be the greatest creative center of self expression in the human body.

Receipt given to me by Donna Simon,  of  "Flennis & The Family Simon".
Singer, Songwriter, and Performers. Receipt  from her book, "Good Time Eatin' in Cajun Country. 

Donna Simons' Book


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