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milk in a glass


Almond Milk



Or other nut milks

1 t      Sweetener  (stevia, honey, agave, dates, etc. to taste)
1 t      Vanilla (preferably w/o alcohol)
2 -      Handfuls soaked almonds
2 c     Water


smoothieUsing Almond Milk Pulp and Making a Smoothie


What to do with the pulp from the almond milk.

Make a smoothie.

Pour out all the milk from the blender. Put it in a container and put it in the fridge. Now, put almond pulp back in the blender. Add fresh or frozen berries, bananas etc. blend. You may need to add more water, and ice.

To Make a cholcolet milk shake, add organic cocoa powder or cocoa syrup.

(hint: to freeze berries. Take container of berries, (except for strawberries) place in plastic sandwich bag and put into the freezer. DO NOT wash the berries, if you buy them in plastic containers, little boxes, they will be fine. Check them over pick out any bag barries, and slip the box t into a plastic bag. Place in freezer. Plastic bag protects the barries and if you should drop the box of berries, they won’t roll all over the floor.  : )

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