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Energy Soup
The Ann Wigmore Institute Style

We at New Hippocrates get more vitality from this cold soup than from any other food that we have tried. It provides all the nutrition that your body, mind and spirit need to go from early morning to late evening without experiencing your usual fluctuations in energies. Within weeks of using this soup, you should feel years younger. Sounds incredible? Perhaps, but it works, and we feel it's a must if you are really serious about regaining lost health & vitality.
The following suggestions are just two of the many variations.
We prepare the soup in 3 steps (the BASE, the STOCK, and the THICKENER) using only a blender (the VITAMIX does the best job).

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Makes 4 Servings
In the blender, place the following ingredients:
1-1/2 cups of WATER (distilled, spring or filtered are best) or REJUVELAC
1 medium ORGANIC CARROT, chopped into 2-inch pieces
1 medium GOLDEN or RED DELICIOUS APPLE, cored and chopped
1/2 small ONION (optional) or small clove garlic
small hand full of dried SEA VEGETABLE, DULSE & WAKAME are our favorites, Rinse off salt.
Blend these ingredients for about 20 seconds.

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