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So, you're thinking about having that, ah, "C" procedure?

I know, it's hard enough to say, let alone think about what it really is. But, having a colonic will surely be one of the most important steps you'll take towards true health and wellness.

I know because I made the decision to have not one, but 12 of Gayle's colonics, and am ecstatic with the results.

I am not an entirely unhealthy person. I (thank you God) don't have any cancer (that I know of) or other serious health issues to solve. But I do want the best for myself and want to be as healthy as my body can be. But I have the same weaknesses as just about everybody else.

I am a chocoholic, and have a sweet tooth whose roots surely make their way to my stomach...
And as I've spent that last couple decades trying to fight the urges to binge, only to succumb to those nasty habits, I've come to realize that food was controlling me - I was not in control.

And being a control freak, I hated that! And being a spiritual person, I just knew something was seriously wrong.

That's when I began down the SERIOUS path of nutrition. I'd always known certain facts about eating right and all that stuff you hear when you're a kid. But guilt didn't stop me from giving in to my urges. Well, once I got serious, I was presented with some life-altering information.

That is, if you want to change anything physical about yourself, you have to focus on your digestive system. OK, but what? Do you just have to start eating right, and everything will fall into place?

Well, short answer: No. You have to virtually erase years of misuse by doing intestinal cleanses and having colonics and re-planting the 'good' bacteria in your intestines so your digestive system will return to being pristine.
I have candida. As of this writing, I am still working on ridding myself of it. However, I have made some serious progress.

But how I did it, was to cleanse my intestines, and then focus on a three or four-per-week colonic pattern for several weeks. That cleaned me out. But the re-planting is still happening, and I'm having periodic colonics (about every 10 days) to stay clean.

Because that nasty candida is really tough to eradicate. But I'm winning. And I thank Gayle for helping me. Her practice is a life-saver. I credit her not only with providing a safe and unpretentious haven for learning about and getting colonics, but also with helping me get on the right herbs, probiotics, minerals and vitamins, and with learning more about raw foods and their impact to your health.

The result? I am no longer craving sweets - for the first time in my life. That's because I'm getting the best of my candida instead of the other way around. Gayle's matter-of-fact approach to colon care is a very special gift she gives to each one of her customers. If you are thinking about having colonics, it's most certainly because you really need them.

Don't talk yourself out of it. Get going on your own personal road to health.


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