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Digestive Problems

An angel who was sent to me...

My name is Tracy Johnson and I am 34 years young. For as long as I can remember, I have had digestive and other problems for year. Not only did it affect my physical well-being, emotionally and spiritually I felt unable to cope with day to day activities.

Having these symptoms made it difficult for me to enjoy exercising, hobbies and being with my friends. I wish I had met Gayle years ago.

Since working with Gayle, I have felt more energetic, spiritually centered and happy about my body and the changes that colonics is making in my life. I have to say, I wasn't skeptical because I was in so much pain that I just needed relief.

I trusted that I was being guided to Gayle by a Higher Power and that all would be well if I just trusted and let go. Gayle is an incredible woman to work with. I feel very blessed to be in her presence and experience the work and healing that she does. Not many people know about colonics and how it can help so many. It's so sad to me that the medical world isn't working with specialist like you.

So many people are needlessly suffering -being told their problems are in their heads and to go away. What I know today is that there is healing in this area and I am determined to share this with friends, family and people I work with.

I feel truly blessed to be working with you Gayle. Thank you for being so gentle, kind, loving and knowledgeable about the work you do. You truly are an Angel in my life and the gift that you've offered to me, I can only hope others get to experience.

With Gratitude and Love
Tracy Johnson

* The only difference between stumbling blocks and steppingstones is the way
in which you use them*



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