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H. Pylori -
Stomach Lining Bacteria

As an artist, I have a great imagination, but even my imagination could not prepare me for the power of natural healing which I experienced at Internal Awareness.

I had been chronically constipated for about three years, but did not know what it was. However, I had a strong feeling that something was terribly wrong with my digestive system. I got to the point that I could not eat anything, but still felt bloated and constipated.

I lost a lot of weight and became deeply depressed. Finally, after numerous trips to the emergency room, I was diagnosed with H. pylori (a bacteria that lives on or in the lining of the stomach.) I was treated with a LOT of antibiotics, which made the matter worse. At the end of treatment I felt no better than at the beginning.

My stomach did not function well and I was still constipated. I underwent upper and lower GI endoscopy (which confirmed that I no longer had H. pylori) and had a CAT scan, but the results were negative and my doctors concluded that nothing was wrong with me. All the doctors could suggest is to use over the counter laxatives which did not work. I was desperate!

I tried everything I could, including chiropractor, acupuncturist and natural healer, but nothing worked! Then my chiropractor suggested to try "colonic". I had no idea what it was, so I dismissed it. But my condition was not getting any better.

By chance, I talked to a friend who had H.pylori as well and was cured by Colon Hydrotherapy. She told me more about it and, desperate, I decided to try it out. My friend had it in L.A., so I had to find somebody in the bay area. I searched the internet and found Gayle! She told me on the phone that I was in the good hands and I believed her!

Gayle Bradshaw treated me as the whole person. Colon Hydrotherapy helped me incredibly with my problem of constipation. I started to feel like myself again. My mood and overall health improved! In addition, Gayle introduced me to the new way of living by incorporating organic nutritional supplements into my diet as well as providing me with various health-oriented recipes.

It is surprising even to me that I was able to substitute the cup of my morning coffee for the glass of AIM's "BarleyGreen" juice which is refreshing, uplifting and at the same time nutritional.

Thanks to Gayle, I discovered AIM's other products such as "Just Carrots" and "Redibeets" which combined with "BarleyGreen" provide all you need to start a day! I also learned about "Prepzymes" that help my digestion.

In addition, Gayle introduced me to the Inrasound.net - a company that "makes no claims", but it is worth of trying out. Recently, I underwent a dental surgical procedure that made me feel miserable for a few days and the one thing that helped me a lot was the Intrasound jel which I applied externally to the areas of pain resulting in the reduction of pain.

I found out that I can use the gel anywhere on my body (especially, back, knees, forehead etc.) and experience pain relieve.

But what I like the most about Gayle is her ability to connect with people at a dipper level. I consider myself lucky to find such an incredible person, teacher and healer! Thanks Gayle!




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