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Doubled-Over in Pain


My name is Laura C, I live in San Jose, California I learned about Gayle a Colonic Hydrotherapist (gayle@InternalAwareness.com) after attending the Optimum Health Institute (OHI in San Diego) this past August. I learned how important Colonics were for our health.

I would like to tell a story about a woman who helped me beyond belief. This past December, I traveled to Brazil for two weeks. Within two days of arriving back home in California, I found myself doubled over in pain with terrible diarrhea, vomiting and a fever as well as severe pain in my intestine and cold sweats.

I called my Doctor he said, " Take Imodium" I tried many things for a few days but my diarrhea would not stop even wheatgrass, bananas, rice you name it this would not stop. I could hardly walk and I was so weak and dehydrated.

This all started on Wednesday, on Sunday morning I called Gayle to see if I could make an appointment for the next day which was Monday. Well within an hour of my Sunday morning call, Gayle was on the phone with me. She said, " Do you want to come over now so I can help you".

I replied, "Are you sure that is OK it is your day off", She said "absolutely, don't worry about it just don't mind I have been packing and there are boxes all every where".

I was so relieved and felt so great relief to know that I might be able to feel better quickly . When I arrived, Gayle was all smiles we got started right away with Gayle holding my hand all the way me crying and holding my stomach we were able to get a large part of the junk out of my intestine I felt much better I was able to stand up straight not doubled over .

My fever and headache went away almost minutes in to the session I felt so much better after our first appointment but I knew I needed to get whatever this thing was out of me so I made two other appointments the next two days in a row the last being Christmas Eve.


I knew I need help because I still had that pulling pain in my left intestine. At one point during our session, I said, "Gayle you should be a midwife you are so kind and really good at this".

She smiled. By the end of the second day, I was completely better no pain no diarrhea no. I don't know what I came home with from Brazil but I know I got rid of it for good. I am very grateful for two things:

1. Gayle Bradshaw and her gift to help heal people
2. The Optimum Health Institute of San Diego for showing me the way to help myself without drugs and in a healthy way.

They both saved me a trip to the emergency room a great deal of pain, time and money.

God Bless! Laura C :)


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