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Cystic Acne


Doctors would classify me as well. I labeled myself just unhappy, but thought I had nothing to really be unhappy about. I was dissatisfied for no tangible reason, troubled and worried. I had no energy, I had headaches constantly. My skin had cystic acne since college.

I was irritable, my body ached. I was holding onto weight that I couldn't lose no matter what I tried. I was hesitant about the standard 4 session package- I didn't think I could get through one. The first was a glimpse of exciting potential wellness- I just finished my first dozen and it won't be my last.

You don't realize how bad you are feeling until you starting feeling well. I want to continue healing myself, I want to treat my body like the temple it is. My skin is clear.

I require hours less sleep and wake up earlier, without an alarm. I'm losing weight. I'm letting go of the guilt associated with my body, what I eat and how I was treating myself. I'm less hungry, especially for junk food because I simply no longer crave things like coffee, sugar or Coke, nor do I want to contribute more toxins to my body. My body and heart are rewarding me with happiness and energy. I am content and calm.

It feels so good to do this very important favor for myself. It is a mental and physical relief to rid my body of the poison which was sitting in the colon. Of course it was making me sick.

There is also an indistinguishable connection between the emotional and the physical body. I was worried that I wasn't well, but being unhappy was hurting me more. In turn, my body's pain led to further worry and discontent. That is a perpetual loop of unhappiness. It is easier letting go than holding on.

Gayle has clients from severely ill with disease to spiritually weak and unhappy- and I do not doubt that every one of us has an equally amazing success story to tell. You'll see.

Be well. MD

Thank you, Gayle, for the person that you are and the work that you do.




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