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Adult Spina Bifida

My Personal benefits of Colonics:

I am an adult female born with spina bifida and therefore my nerves to my bowel have never functioned properly. To say that I have a sluggish bowl is an understatement. As a child my doctors told me that I had to train my bowel to work by using laxatives, stool softeners, and enemas.

This caused much discomfort and didn't solve the problem. I would go 2-3 weeks without any movement. I would strain and this caused bleeding. Doctors also told me to take a lot of products like metamucil for fiber.

This was dangerous because it just sits there and adds to the blockage I already had. There were times when I had to be hospitalized from a total impaction. Staying just one step ahead was all I could hope for before I started colonic irrigation.

The very first time I went in for a colonic the therapist was able to clue me in on my chronic problems. The first one is my bowel doesn't absorb water and so I form clumps and balls of cement that are hard to pass.

The 2nd problem is that I do not have the natural peristaltic action to move waste through. After a few sessions I felt better and my body was able to go 1-2 times a week. After I stopped colonics I had the same problem again.

I came to the realization that this would be a lifelong challenge for me. Another problem with persons who have spina bifida is that you lack control. You don't know when you will evacuate and that is embarrassing. I guess that's why I stopped colonic hydrotherapy.

A couple of more years went by and my father died of colon cancer at an early age. This really scared me. After doing research I knew this could be my fate and I searched for a colon therapist that was experienced and that I felt comfortable with.

I found Gayle at Internal Awareness, and I have been coming 1 to 2 times per week for approximately one year now. There were trials but we got through them together.


Here are some of the benefits I've seen

  • Ability to "go on my own" between weekly visits!
  • Increased energy (I had thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • No bleeding
  • My belly wasn't hard and extended
  • My eyes weren't as puffy and I had more color in my face
  • My immune system improved
  • Skin rashes were gone (pimples around chin less frequent)
  • Ability to feel sensations in my colon began
  • My mood improved
  • My sense of smell and taste improved
  • I was able to retain and grow some intestinal flora
  • My eyes became brighter and clearer
  • My back pain was greatly improved
  • Stiffness was reduced, I now move better
  • My digestion is better -- less bloating
  • I can take deep breaths now
  • I can hear movement and am able to pass gas now (who thought that would be a benefit!!)
  • I just feel better all the way around and I like myself more

One note: My doctor suggested that I have surgery so that I could irrigate my bowel. This was not the answer and there were serious complications. I have also learned that a combination of other therapies helped my success.

They include acupuncture, saunas, juicing, and nutrition.

My wish in writing this letter is to help others like me with chronic problems. I want to remain anonymous except to those who really need my help.

I'm happy to say that my initials used to be "BM," now I can smile and say that I have them!!

Note: This client only had one kidney, and used the sauna each week saying it took the pressure and helped her with the remaining kidney. She moved to Arazona, but before she did, she was having BMs on her own. She also bought her own sauna.


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