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Grateful Words

From an Otherwise Healthy Client


As a client of Gayle's, I'd like to say that meeting Gayle has made a dramatic improvement in my health and well being.

After my first appointment with Gayle, I knew this was just what I had been seeking for a long time. I have never had serious medical problems, however, I suspected I was heading for trouble.

As I approached my 39th birthday, I knew something was wrong, but could not identify what it was.

Although I exercised, ate low fat foods, and took vitamins, I was still overweight, and rundown. I had a pot belly even though I don't drink beer and even though I frequently ate only one meal a day, and I had cramps in my abdomen.

I had previously gone for a CAT scan and a lower GI, but the doctors told me nothing was wrong. I thought something was still wrong, and suspected the doctors were being reactive and that it may be too late before I found out what it was.

I have always been concerned about maintaining my health because I'm a single person, and will not have children to look after me when I'm older. When I first met Gayle, I was seeking colonics for the cramps in my stomach.

I don't know how I heard about colonics, but I'm glad I found out and I'm glad I found Gayle. Along with colonics,

Gayle has introduced me to dietary changes that have improved my health and energy levels. She's also made me aware of how to prevent cancer and other diseases that result from the typical american lifestyle. I feel quite indebted to Gayle.


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