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Blood Disease

In 1992 I was feeling so bad that I could not function normally. I was eventually diagnosed with a very serious blood disease. My doctor told me there is no cure or understanding of this disease. I flet hopeless. I was frustrated with my doctor's attitude, the A.M.A. and the medical society in general regarding cancer and blood related diseases.

I visited Gayle for a second opinion because she was an Iridologist. She examined my eyes and said "What's going on with your blood?" I told her and she told me it was all related to a toxic build-up in my colon.

She recommended colonic hydro-theapy, that I buy a juicer and start juicing and to start taking Barley Green every day.

Even though I was overweight, constipated and my stomach was very large, I didn't not take her advise. Over time, I started feeling worse and worse.

In 1995 I called Gayle again. She was right. I am now going through colonic hydro-therapy. I am juicing, taking Barley Green, exercising and eating healthy food. I am healing. I am feeling much better and look much better. In fact, my blood tests have come back "normal" recently.

Gayle is the answer I have been looking for. She helped me see that I am responsible for myself. I have taken control of my health, my life, my disease. I have a positive attitude again. I have hope.

I strongly recommend Gayle to anyone whith sicknes or disease. Her positive attitude, love and sincerity are a breath of fresh air.



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