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A letter from Lauren


I want to say how much of difference getting colonics has made in my health. I have had digestive and other problems for many years, and I've tried all kinds of remedies. I attribute the majority of my dramatic improvements to colonics, raw food, and chelating mercury toxicity from my body (which colonics make easier to handle).

I was skeptical and a little uptight about the whole idea of getting colonics in the beginning, but I was at my wits end with chronic constipation, low energy/fatigue, tension/anxiety, bloating, gas, and, generally, just poor digestion. It was difficult at first to keep going and trust that it would help (I've had way too many disappointments), but my poor health served as motivation. As you know, my persistence paid, and, after about 14 sessions (and counting), I am very grateful for the continually increasing good health I am xperiencing...

My energy is much better; I never bloat anymore and experience much less gas; my mood has improved, along with just a general sense of well-being; and
I can tell that my colon is finally starting to function more normally. Feelings of vibrant health are becoming more and more frequent, and I actually believe that it's possible to feel that way more often than not -- I've never felt that way before! It's truly one of the best feelings I've had in my life, and it impacts every aspect of my life in a positive way.

You offer a service that, unfortunately, too many people don't know about and/or understand. It's outrageous to thing that GI specialists don't routinely work with colon therapists like you! So many people are suffering needlessly -- being told their problems are in there heads after colonoscopies come out "normal," or being prescribed medications that serve to further complicate unhealthy situations.

Knowing what I know now about nutrition and how my body functions, it's amazing to me that good nutrition and routine cleansing aren't more of a "given" in this society. We pollute the very system that serves to nourish every cell in our bodies, and then we wonder why we don't feel good! Our bodies send us signals that things aren't well, and instead of working with them in a way that supports our systems, organs, tissues and cells (nutrition and cleansing), we medicate to mask the warning sign that things are falling apart! Then, of course, we wonder why it seems to be one problem after another -- it's crazy!

Anyway, I hope you feel fantastic about the work you do and the people you help. Your service and the caring way in which you offer it and support those who come to you is so needed in this world and so appreciated by those who are blessed enough to find you!

Love and gratitude,


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