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Hepatitus C

Doctor suggested Liver Transplant!! October 2001

Dear Gayle,

I just wanted to let you know how good I feel about the colon therapy work we are doing. In just a few sessions I am feeling lighter in my body and unexpectedly, my thoughts are much clearer.

More importantly, or perhaps an additional benefit,is that the ever-appearing staphloccoci carbuncles that have plagued me for years, made worse as a result of the interferon/ribivirin therapy I underwent for Hepatitis C, are not appearing daily as they have, and the ones I do have are healing quickly, the inflammation reduced significantly.

I cannot even begin to say how wonderful that is.

I notice also that at first, after a treatment I feel great. Then, in about 6 - 8 hours I begin to experience what I call "moving aches and pains".

These are not bad, but I can almost trace the movement throughout my body and then they are gone; it feels as if toxins are being released, causing discomfort and then are expelled. Afterwards, I sleep deeply, something I have not done for 15 years. Needless to say I am thrilled.

I am looking foward to continuing the course of the therapy and to finding other benefits as a result of this detoxification.

I especially appreciate your kindness and gentleness, as well as your attitude regarding the work. I was quite apprehensive about doing colon therapy, as I felt it was most embarrassing.

You have put all those anxieties to rest by making it a positive experience and being so supportive.

I cannot thank you enough.

Lesley Maul



Follow-up November 29, 2001

Dear Gayle,

I have just completed my first set of 12 sessions with you and I want to tell you how I am doing. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this has been the most emotionally and physically intense experience of my life.

Besides wonderful physical benefits as a result of this work with you, including:

  • Major reduction in the skin outbreaks of a chronic staff infection that has plagued me for 15 years.

  • Complete disappearance of sugar cravings and a change in my dietary habits

  • Relief of many aches and pains

  • Clear soft skin

  • Head hair growing back thicker and fuller than it was before the ravages of Interferon therapy. Great reduction in the symptoms of Hepatitis C: fatigue, ennui, pain, itching.

The emotional effects have been profound:

Due to an unfortunate toilet training experience (begun when I was 6 months old - mom had many "hang-ups" around poop) and a childhood that went down hill from there, I had a lot of shame about bowel movements and poop.

But, because there is no denying that poop is what colon therapy is all about, because your attitude is so positive and caring and you are clearly not embarrassed, and because of my own direct involvement in the therapy, either in observing the releases, talking about the process, cleaning up the equipment or seeing other people come and go and knowing what they are there for is the same thing I am there for, (and vice versa),

I have been able to release a lot of my own, well, shit about shit. The freedom is profound.

I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support throughout this process; I am looking forward to my second set of 12 sessions.

Lesley Maul




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