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Psychologically &
Spritually Depleted

When I first met Gayle, I knew that I was in good hands. My body was in pain, I was psychologically depleted, and my spirit was at the lowest of lows. Yet, I could feel the healing energy emanating thorough Gayle as she massaged my tender belly and guided me through a hypnotic journey into my unconscious. Our session extended well beyond 2 hours, but I was able to gain some understanding into who I was and who I want to be.

All of my life, I had been told to work hard, and I will attain happiness. I went to the top schools in the east coast and landed a job at the largest law firm in Silicon Valley. Everything seemed ideal, at least on the surface.

Underneath the surface, I was falling apart. My body was tense, and even though I tried to de-stress with the typical antidotes of vigorous exercise and a low-fat diet, I was so stressed out that I never felt right. It was as though I was trying to fight fire with fire. I was in a fiercely competitive, brash working environment. In order to seek balance, I desperately tried to diffuse the tension with even more intense activity and a harsh diet regimen. All I was doing was running in circles.

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As I was browsing through a Bay Area health guide, I came across "Internal Awareness." The name of the company caught my attention. My life seemed entirely "external." I knew that I needed to be more proactive in feeling better, both physically and spiritually. I called and made an appointment with Gayle.

I spent the next four consecutive days receiving the gift of healing from Gayle. The colonics that Gayle gave me felt purifying, rejuvenating, liberating. On the third day, Gayle and I embarked o a dual hypnotherapy/colonic session. During our colonic session, I closed my eyes and listened to Gayle's gentle voice. Gayle gave me pointer on what I was visualizing. What do you see? How do you feel? She was never suggestive, but she had a skillful way of pulling out what I was really feeling, what I was really wanting. I was able to be completely honest with myself, perhaps because I was being cleansed of all the debris of external build up. Through the colon therapy, I was able to release my "real self." I envisioned myself surrounded by beautiful roses, worldly and wise.

My work life was uptight. Colleagues were judgmental. Designer-label education defined who you were as a person. People were constantly comparing each other. Self-affirmation came from putting others down. My boss made me feel inferior, incompetent, insecure. People snapped at each other. They yelled at each other. In this constipated environment, my spirit was destroyed. I was emotionally and spiritually constipated. I was drowning in dispaire.

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Gayle is the one who helped me see through the grub. She helped me clean up my life, both externally and internally. She gave me "internal awareness" so that I could transcend the destitute corporate lifestyle in Silicon Valley.

Indeed, I have transcended to new heights. Soon after I began my healing process with Gayle, I received an offer from one of my clients at the law firm. The job required me to re-locate to Tokyo, Japan, but it was the escape hatch I was looking for. The opportunity has taken me to a new environment, which is much more civilized and enlightened. I enjoy working with Japanese business people. I live right next to a zen temple. Although I no longer see Gayle on a regular basis, I feel that she is my spiritual sister who helped me through my darkest days and helped me get in touch with what was important in my life. I need to be surrounded by beauty and sensitivity towards others. Japan is a beautiful country. Japanese people are much more sensitive and polite to others. I am where I want to be.



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