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This letter is concerning Gayle Bradshaw, and how she has helped me.

I first went to her in March '98 and wanted to quit smoking, (after 20+ years). After my first colonic irrigation I never lit up again. (It's been over a year now).

In April of '99 I again made an appointment with her and needed help with my self-esteem and energy level After only 2 sessions I can't believe how my life improved and how quickly. She loaned me the book called "15 Minute Miracle", and I read it faithfully. I also put into practice the information Gayle gave me.

Within 7 days I got a better job for more money and better working conditions and after some negotiating I got the day of the week off that I wanted!

Then I happened to buy a $1.00 scratchier and won $100.00!!!

I also am losing weight effortlessly by eating a very balanced diet but smaller portions and I don't feel deprived.

Gayle is a very soothing person to be around. She is an excellent listener which makes people feel she cares. She has won my trust and I also respect her very much. She tends to be humble regarding the knowledge she has acquired - she is a healer and one of my angels.


S. Michelsen
San Jose, CA


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