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Breast Cancer

After more than 15 years of being well from breast cancer, last spring (April-May 2002) I had a recurrence. I immediately began a detox program with Gayle Marie Bradshaw of Internal Awareness in San Jose, CA.

Since building up the immune system is important to fight any disease and because toxins compromise one's immunity, she put me on a program of colonic hydrotherapy, infrared sauna sessions, and the newest method of detoxing the lymph system, the Q2 footbath.

Not only was I going for detoxification, but the healing atmosphere of Gayle's nurturing energy gave me a very positive outlook towards my own healing process. For the first set of 12 colonics I was going 3 to 4 times a week, with either a sauna or a Q2 footbath.

It was intense, but it turned out to be a very relaxing way to end the day in the midst of completing a very stressful year of teaching. Throughout the summer months and even now (Dec. 2002) I have continued with the detox program, once a week, to support the medication and supplements prescribed by my medical doctor.

Another product good to assist in detoxing is The Master's Miracle Soap. For over two months now I have also been using Master's Miracle Moisturizing Soap for daily bathing (tub or shower and shampooing).

It's very relaxing as well as cleansing. My skin has improved a lot. I use the Master's Miracle Soap for washing dishes and other general cleaning. I put drops of the Neutralizer in drinking water and sometimes directly in my mouth especially when I am tired and fatigued. Or I spray a mist of the Neutralizer on my face.

I use the Neutralizer Gel directly applied on the tumor. For brushing my teeth I use a drop of soap and seven drops of neutralizer for brushing my teeth. I rinse with filtered water, then apply more drops of neutralizer without rinsing.

My gums have improved. (Incidentally, CoEnzyme Q-10 is also good for the gums.) I make a mixture of the neutralizer and jojoba oil and spray it on my hair as a styling conditioner.

This mixture has to be constantly shaken before spraying since the oil floats to the top. Samples of these Master's Miracle product are available from Gayle.

Gayle is a rare individual whose healing energy is a blessing to all! She has lots of experience and is a great resource person for alternative and natural methods of healing.

--Charlotte Lee San Jose, CA



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