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When I first thought of colon hydrotherapy I was in so much agony that I had put myself in the hospital emergency room. Bleeding from my rectum and in a mental hysteric condition. All the doctors could do was prescribe muscle relaxers. Months prior I had to have surgery for Endometriosis and had been taking other pills for pain.

Life was becoming a nightmare. I thought I was tired of pills and had to do something to my life for change or go insane. Try being chronically constipated for two or three months and you will understand why I use such a harsh words like hysteric and insane. I called every therapist in the Yellow Pages and left messages for them to call me back.

Later that evening a beautiful voice called and it was Gayle. Immediately I thought this woman is was so nice to be calling all the way from Texas to console me. Without any payment she was asking me about my diet, history, and helping me understand what was happening to my body.

Gayle told me her prices and I thought "What a ripoff". Honestly now that I have gone through with all my sessions I would have paid more to feel as wonderful as I do today. I can't brag enough about it.

I owe a lot to Gayle, but she always reminds me that it took my inner courage and that I was the one that changed my life not her. Courage came from inside and so did my pain. I have changed to stop the pain and keep the courage. Stopped eating so much junk.

Because I realize now that I felt like junk. Soda was my water before and now it doesn't even cross my mind. Meat in moderation, not with every meal. I've learned to enjoy foods I would have never bought in the grocery store before talking to Gayle. I can still go out to parties and dinners. If it is not on the menu I just ask for it. You would be surprised what chefs can come up with and with ease. California is so health conscious it is never a problem. I have bought a juicer and love it.

I have so much more energy now. I've taken all the energy I used to spend concentrating in the bathroom out of the bathroom and on to me. If you are hitting this website you either know or don't know. Which one do you want to be? I was the one who didn't want to know and now I am better for knowing what I can do to help myself. Call Gayle you will never regret it!

Anna E.
San Jose, California


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