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Emotional & Physical Healing


Along my journey to better health I've worked with several different colon therapists. Although I was always well cared for and given much in the way of health and nutritional information, the treatments were always purely physical. I always felt that somehow something was missing..

I was searching for a therapist that would help facilitate emotional healing as well as physical healing, because the two are inalterably bound. I found the therapist I was searching for in Gayle Bradshaw.

Gayle brings to her work a deep compassion and un-conditional love. She brings all of herself and her attention to each session. I always feel completely loved and cared for during the entire time I am with her.

She works on many levels - physical, emotional, and spiritual - letting the pendulum guide her to whatever area needs attention.

Through her loving insights and gentle guidance she has helped me to work through emotional blocks which, when released, helped to facilitate tremendous physical release and healing.




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